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Introduction to .NET Core

What is .NET Core? Since the appearance of .NET, from .NET Compact Framework to Silverlight, or from Windows Phone to other Windows Store applications, software developers had to deal...

Mockup Example

Wireframes, Mockups and Prototypes – What Are They?

In the context of a rapidly increasing number of tech startups and web applications on the market, concepts like wireframes, mockups and prototypes are more and more present in...

Logged In on Wordpress with Clef

Clef – a magical 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) for WordPress

Why is 2 factor authentication (2FA) necessary? We live in a world with increasing digital crime, a world in which the amount of internet fraud is ever increasing, issue...

Fortech at the Spring I/O 2016 Conference

Spring I/O 2016 Highlights

A delegation of six Java engineers attended this year’s edition of Spring I/O, the largest European conference on Spring, held in Barcelona between the 19th and the 20th of...

React.js Store Hydration Diagram

The Challenges of Building a Production Ready Application in the React.js Ecosystem

It’s been a full year since I started working with React on a production application. I think the time is right to share some of my thoughts about the...

CSS Basic Prerequisites for Pan & Zoom Plugin

How to build a Pan & Zoom Plugin Using the Revealing Module Pattern

In one of our recent projects, we had to devise a solution for the virtual visitors of a large shopping mall, which has an overwhelming diversity of businesses, brands,...

Machine Learning Applied to Revenue Management

Machine Learning Applied to Revenue Management

The article summarized below was published by Marius Radu in the 44th number of Today Software Magazine. The author’s objectives were to analyze the current state of Machine Learning...

Fortech Marketing Manager speaking at TSM

Marketing Through the Digital “Window”. An Enlarged View for 2016

1 February 2016 Community & Events

The new year is upon us, with many events already happening. January ended with the launch of the 43rd issue of Today Software Magazine (TSM). This issue presents a...

Software Outsourcing Versus Own Product Development

Software Outsourcing Versus Own Product Development

3 December 2015 Outsourcing

While the software outsourcing field gets richer in achievements with each passing day, own product development is almost virgin ground in Cluj-Napoca, where about 80% of the IT companies...

Speaker during Embracing Change in IT Conference at Fortech

Embracing Change in IT

20 November 2015 Community & Events

Change management was the leitmotiv of the week at Fortech, especially on Thursday and Friday when our „Embracing Change in IT” conference took place. Whether we talk about professional...

Fortech Celebrating Halloween

Halloween at Fortech

1 November 2015 Community & Events

The Celtic celebration of “hallowed evening” or, in common use, Halloween, has visited Fortech and covered it in splendor and horror on October 30th. Creepy faces, awful sweets, spooky...

The Evolution of the IT Phenomenon in Cluj-Napoca

Historical Perspective of the IT Phenomenon in Cluj-Napoca

28 October 2015 Outsourcing

The article presents the evolution of the IT phenomenon in Cluj-Napoca and the competitive advantages of the local players and discusses future directions of the local IT market. It...

Runners Meet At Faget Tour Fortech

Runners Meet at Faget Tour Fortech

26 October 2015 Community & Events

One of the long awaited sportive events of the autumn opened its doors on the morning of 24th of October. On its name “Faget Tour Fortech”, the event attracted...

Team Academy Students Discovering Fortech

Team Academy Students Discovering Fortech

17 October 2015 Community & Events

On Friday, October 16, FORTECH welcomed a group of 25 international students, from Team Academy, The Netherlands. The purpose of the visit was to provide the participating students with...

Fortech Pre-employment Training

Pre-employment Training Time

12 October 2015 Community & Events

This autumn Fortech hosts 5 Pre-employment Training Programs covering various fields: Mobile (both Android and iOS), ASP.NET, Java, QA Automation and Web. BSC or MSc students/graduates in IT fields...

IT Outsourcing - the fastest growing sector

IT Outsourcing – the Fastest Growing Sector in Romania

22 June 2015 Outsourcing

IT outsourcing is a big industry expanding at a fast rate, and according to statistics, the value of the outsourcing sector is equivalent to Austria’s, Norway’s or Argentina`s GDP....

Fortech representative at IT Community Support 2015

Fortech proudly supports the local IT community

At Fortech we have a tradition in supporting initiatives and IT events that focus on bringing the IT community together and enhancing learning in this field. We think these...

Battle Robotica

Fortech – Sponsor at BattleLab Robotica

Chrome Valkyrie, the team sponsored by Fortech, won the second prize at BattleLab Robotica on Saturday, May 9th. Claudiu, Andreea, Filip and Codrin created a strong robot, who thrashed 24...

Fortech at ElectroTech

Fortech makes over 100 new friends @ ElectroTech

Fortech attended the ElectroTech event organized by OSUT and held between 20th and 24th of April on George Baritiu 26-28 Street, at the Faculty of Automation and Computer Science from...

Seed For Tech Workshop at Fortech

Seed For Tech Launch

We are glad to announce Seed For Tech, a new way of getting involved in product development. The level of stability and maturity we reached gives us the chance...