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Romanian IT talents: Ionut Budisteanu

Romanian Teenager Ionut Budisteanu – In the top 16 of the Most Influential Teenagers

19 November 2013 Romanian IT Talents

Ionut Budisteanu is the teenager who won the top prize in the Gordon E. Moore competition. This competition was organized at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair for...

Romanian IT talents: bionic hand

Romanian Teenagers Awarded @ Tech School

Tech School is a contest organized for teenagers by UPC Romania that attracts both students and high school students passionate about digital media, gaming, robotics and programming. The second...

Romanian IT talents: UBBOTS

UBBots – The Day of the Intelligent Robots

For the 6th time, the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics from Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca organized the traditional UBBots – “The Day of the Intelligent Robots” event on the 10th...

Romanian IT talents: great result at Math Olympiad

International Olympiads in Informatics and Mathematics

One of the most important aspects that make Romania an ideal nearshore destination is its IT professionals. IT talents are cultivated in Romania’s top high-schools that focus on mathematics...

Romanian IT talents: the brainy guy from Brainient

The Brainy Guy from Brainient

At the young age of 26 Emi Gal has already been involved in a number of start-ups, both in the UK and in Romania, Brainient being his latest business....

Major award in robotics for Romanian researchers

Major Award in Robotics for Young Romanian Researchers

Radu Rusu, President and CEO of Open Perception, Inc. received the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society Early Career Award in 2013. Radu Rusu, together with Matei Ciocârlie, another talented...