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Software Outsourcing Versus Own Product Development

Software Outsourcing Versus Own Product Development

3 December 2015 Outsourcing

While the software outsourcing field gets richer in achievements with each passing day, own product development is almost virgin ground in Cluj-Napoca, where about 80% of the IT companies...

The Evolution of the IT Phenomenon in Cluj-Napoca

Historical Perspective of the IT Phenomenon in Cluj-Napoca

28 October 2015 Outsourcing

The article presents the evolution of the IT phenomenon in Cluj-Napoca and the competitive advantages of the local players and discusses future directions of the local IT market. It...

IT Outsourcing - the fastest growing sector

IT Outsourcing – the Fastest Growing Sector in Romania

22 June 2015 Outsourcing

IT outsourcing is a big industry expanding at a fast rate, and according to statistics, the value of the outsourcing sector is equivalent to Austria’s, Norway’s or Argentina`s GDP....

Romania's perspectives to become the New India in outsourcing

Fortech’s CEO Speaks about Romania’s Perspectives in Software Outsourcing

25 April 2015 Outsourcing

Calin Vaduva, our CEO, believes that investing in the young generation of IT specialists will help Romania remain a top destination for software outsourcing for many years to come....

Summary of article from Today Software Magazine

Perspectives of the Romanian IT – Today Software Magazine article

Ovidiu Simionica shared his thoughts on the present and future of the Romanian IT in the “Romanian IT quo vadis” article published in the 25th issue of Today Software...

Fortech`s developers on top of Mont Blanc

Romanian Software Developers Hailed Worldwide

16 June 2014 Outsourcing

From San Francisco to London, Bangalore or Sidney, Romanian software developers are held in high esteem for their excellent theoretical background, programming skills and creativity. These programmers are among...

Guide to outsourcing Romania

Outsourcing Guide Romania Sponsorship

18 May 2014 Outsourcing

Fortech sponsored the outsourcing guide Romania, which compiles information and statistics about the Romanian ITO and BPO industry.

Romania business enviornment

The Business Environment in Romania

8 April 2014 Outsourcing

Encouraging economic forecasts keep the spirits high for Romanian providers of Software outsourcing services

Fortech - a Romanian outsourcing company

Romania – Destination for Software Outsourcing

5 March 2014 Outsourcing

The first article in the "Romania and Cluj-Napoca as Destinations for Software Outsourcing" series examines the country's labor market.

Crowdsourced Testing

Crowdsourced Software Testing

20 January 2014 Outsourcing

What is Crowdsourced Software Testing? Crowd testing is a software testing methodology that leverages a community of external expert software testers with diverse backgrounds and demographics from all across...

The Romanian software outsourcing market

The Romanian Software Outsourcing Market

27 November 2013 Outsourcing

The Romanian software market grew by 5.7% in 2012, according to a recent study conducted by the National Association of Software and Services Industry. Within the software market, the...

IT perspectives of Cluj-Napoca Tiberiu Popoviciu

Historical Perspectives of IT in Cluj-Napoca

24 April 2013 Outsourcing

The first reports on IT activities in Cluj-Napoca date back to 1957, when Tiberiu Popoviciu, a well-known mathematician, founded the “Computing Institute”. In fact, the “Computing Institute” was a...