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User Stories in Product Development
How To Create User Stories in Agile Product Development
With more and more software products on the market and the vast palette of options they offer, customers tend to focus more on quality and on using only the products that can meet their needs fast. Customer development, time-to-market and quality are becoming crucial in the process of developing a successful software product. In this context, developing a software product with the customer in mind has never been more critical for the success of a startup or established product company. From the
Full-stack development Fortech
What is full-stack development and why it is still alive and well
The end of the year is always a good time for revisiting concepts and debates in one’s field of interest. In software development, a hot question is whether to build your career as a front-end developer, a back-end developer or a full-stack developer, path that we often forget about. An article I recently wrote and published on Free Code Camp delved into this topic and generated echoes that confirmed the subject is hot. Some share my view on the benefits of full-stack as an approach and no
UML Diagram
N + 1 – the main cause of the poor performance of JEE applications coded with JPA
Introduction A while ago, when I was still a junior Java developer, one of my colleagues had the ambition to do just OOP, without coding SQL at all. Back then we were using Hibernate ORM 3, which had just been introduced; JPA was not present yet and doing OOP with Hibernate meant using Hibernate Criteria to generate database queries – Oracle Database Server for the project I am discussing. My colleague systematically refused anything that meant SQL, considering that Hibernate ORM was intellige
Introduction to .NET Core
This article was written by Irina, senior .NET software developer from our team in Iasi. Learn more about Fortech’s .NET development services and know-how here.   What is .NET Core? Since the appearance of .NET, from .NET Compact Framework to Silverlight, or from Windows Phone to other Windows Store applications, software developers had to deal with fragmented versions of .NET. Although all this versions should have had a so-called ‘’common’’ runtime, they each ended up being a d
Mockup Example
Wireframes, Mockups and Prototypes – What Are They?
In the context of a rapidly increasing number of tech startups and web applications on the market, concepts like wireframes, mockups and prototypes are more and more present in the vocabulary and toolkit of product owners, marketing people and software engineers. Yet, I have often noticed that these terms have different meanings for different groups or people and that the distinction between them if often vague or misunderstood. This, in turn, can lead to confusion and even to unsatisfactory re
Logged In on Wordpress with Clef
Clef – a magical 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) for WordPress
Why is 2 factor authentication (2FA) necessary? We live in a world with increasing digital crime, a world in which the amount of internet fraud is ever increasing, issue that worries those in charge with database security. The classic one factor authentication has been proven weak, even with the latest attempts at forcing the setup of strong passwords and heavy hashing. The Privacy Rights Clearinghouse has been maintaining a database of security breaches since 2005. This is a searchable database
Fortech at the Spring I/O 2016 Conference
Spring I/O 2016 Highlights
A delegation of six Java engineers attended this year’s edition of Spring I/O, the largest European conference on Spring, held in Barcelona between the 19th and the 20th of May. The event included two days of keynotes, presentations and workshops on the most recent and upcoming developments in the Spring Framework. I am happy to be sharing below some takeaways from the conference. The event kicked off by emphasizing the upcoming changes to Spring Boot 1.4 GA (i.e. General Availability), s
The Challenges of Building a Production Ready Application in the React.js Ecosystem
It’s been a full year since I started working with React on a production application. I think the time is right to share some of my thoughts about the framework and the entire React ecosystem. Do not expect to learn React by reading this post or to understand some of the concepts presented without any prior knowledge of the framework. My thoughts may prove helpful if you seek insights into the platform or need to decide if React is a good match for your project. I will focus on the parts that
How to build a Pan & Zoom Plugin Using the Revealing Module Pattern
In one of our recent projects, we had to devise a solution for the virtual visitors of a large shopping mall, which has an overwhelming diversity of businesses, brands, activities and services. What we needed was a surface map that would interact with the user, so that they could search for points of interest, be taken there and shown key information on the fly. The source serving the map had to be dynamic and thus would be changed frequently and updated as a ‘dumb’ SVG file; the live map wo
Machine Learning Applied to Revenue Management
The article summarized below was published by Marius Radu in the 44th number of Today Software Magazine. The author’s objectives were to analyze the current state of Machine Learning (ML) software applications from the business and product owners’ perspectives and to provide support to those looking for answers to questions regarding the data volumes and computational power required by ML. Three types of stakeholders can take part in or influence the application development of ML sol
TDD and Agile. The Cynefin model
On TDD and Agile
Radu Ometita from Unit 3 published a comprehensive and very interesting article about Test Driven Development (TDD) using Agile in the 31st issue of Today Software Magazine (TSM). Radu started by explaining how complexity has been significantly changing the essence of programming in the past years. The need to deal with changes in requirements at ever increasing speeds led to the introduction and proliferation of Agile methodologies, which are now omnipresent in complex projects. Massively concu
Advanced Java workshop with Peter Lawrey
Advanced Java Workshop at Fortech
A well-known Java expert who loves to share his know-how through workshops and lectures was in Cluj-Napoca in November for several events. We seized the opportunity and invited Peter Lawrey to offer a half-day workshop on advanced Java topics at Fortech . He gladly accepted the invitation and joined us on Nov 26, 2014. Peter Lawrey owns the popular “Vanilla Java” blog, which exceeds 100K page views per month. He is also the 2nd on for [concurrency] and the 3rd for [Java] a