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Introduction to .NET Core

What is .NET Core? Since the appearance of .NET, from .NET Compact Framework to Silverlight, or from Windows Phone to other Windows Store applications, software developers had to deal...

Mockup Example

Wireframes, Mockups and Prototypes – What Are They?

In the context of a rapidly increasing number of tech startups and web applications on the market, concepts like wireframes, mockups and prototypes are more and more present in...

Logged In on Wordpress with Clef

Clef – a magical 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) for WordPress

Why is 2 factor authentication (2FA) necessary? We live in a world with increasing digital crime, a world in which the amount of internet fraud is ever increasing, issue...

Fortech at the Spring I/O 2016 Conference

Spring I/O 2016 Highlights

A delegation of six Java engineers attended this year’s edition of Spring I/O, the largest European conference on Spring, held in Barcelona between the 19th and the 20th of...

React.js Store Hydration Diagram

The Challenges of Building a Production Ready Application in the React.js Ecosystem

It’s been a full year since I started working with React on a production application. I think the time is right to share some of my thoughts about the...

CSS Basic Prerequisites for Pan & Zoom Plugin

How to build a Pan & Zoom Plugin Using the Revealing Module Pattern

In one of our recent projects, we had to devise a solution for the virtual visitors of a large shopping mall, which has an overwhelming diversity of businesses, brands,...

Machine Learning Applied to Revenue Management

Machine Learning Applied to Revenue Management

The article summarized below was published by Marius Radu in the 44th number of Today Software Magazine. The author’s objectives were to analyze the current state of Machine Learning...

TDD and Agile. The Cynefin model

On TDD and Agile

Radu Ometita from Unit 3 published a comprehensive and very interesting article about Test Driven Development (TDD) using Agile in the 31st issue of Today Software Magazine (TSM). Radu...

Advanced Java workshop with Peter Lawrey at Fortech

Advanced Java Workshop at Fortech

A well-known Java expert who loves to share his know-how through workshops and lectures was in Cluj-Napoca in November for several events. We seized the opportunity and invited Peter...

BrainTrust, an informal yet effective way to share know-how for software developers

BrainTrust, a Novel Approach to Sharing Software Development Expertise

BrainTrust is the brain child of Alexandru M (Alex M) and Smaranda O, whom I have recently invited to shed light on their initiative. To make the ideas easy...

Java expertise at premier Romanian software house

On Java 8 Collection Processing, a Today Software Magazine Article

Ovidiu Simionica made an objective overview of Java 8 in the article he published in the 24th issue of Today Software Magazine (TSM). The article starts by exposing a...

Sci -fi Movies Turned Real

SciFi Movies Turned Real: 10 Emerging Technologies

Of the 10 technological breakthroughs discussed in GACET's article , the blog post summarizes only those that might have an impact on Fortech's activities or on the lives of...