Digital Product Simulation

The solution is a desktop application for the simulation of a product using 3D real time visualization technology. It consists of an advanced product presentation module that can simulate various design alternatives, related to an exhaustive set of product features. It also enables simulations of the actual human experience through motion tests and human proportions visualization within the digital prototype.

  • Effort: 5+ years (ongoing)
  • Technologies: C++, QT
  • Project type: C++ development
  • Development location: Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Smart DVR Software

This application is a Smart Personal Video Recorder software which uses EPG data to record the preferred TV programs based on various criteria. It supports more than one tuner at a time and has additional features such as transferring recordings between several application instances, conversions for multimedia devices, parental control access, live TV buffering.

  • Effort: 7150 MDs
  • Technologies: C++, STL, ATL, COM, DirectX, SQL, SQLite, JavaScript, XML, Win32 API, Installshield
  • Project type: nearshore C++ development
  • Development location: Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Automobile Lifecycle Management

This is a Product Data Management (PDM) system developed for a leading car manufacturer. The project’s objective was to develop a system for the management of electric and electronic car parts.

  • Effort: 10000 MDs
  • Technologies: Teamcenter Engineering, C/C++, JavaScript, Iman script, HTML, XML, PLM-XML, XSLT, Java
  • Project type: Nearshore C++ and Team Engineering development
  • Development location: Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Secure File Transfer

The product is provided as a fully supported server and/or client for organizations aiming at relying on the security of SSH with open standards, together with additional audit and automation for enterprise file transfers. Transfers may be done to/from inside, as well as third party external SFTP servers/clients with no requirement for additional software at the other side.

  • Effort: 700 MDs
  • Technologies: C, Java, Struts, Spring, Web Services, WebSphere, Weblogic, OpenSSL, FIPS 140-2, XML, XSLT, FOP, Shell Scripting (SH, BASH)
  • Project type: C development
  • Development location: Cluj-Napoca, Romania

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