Iterative Partnership Establishment

At Fortech you will get dedicated teams, fully integrated in your teams and tuned to your processes.
The process we follow to establish a new partnership is iterative, including several steps aimed at ensuring its proper start, followed by a step by step consolidation.

1. Confidentiality Agreement

Generally, all new potential partnerships start with a confidentiality agreement. By committing to the terms of this agreement we guarantee our client we will not disclose any of the information defined as confidential in the agreement. The Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) lays down the basis for a confidential relationship, in which the parties become familiar with the processes used in each other’s business, with the purpose of evaluating the potential collaboration.

2. Exploring the Client’s Needs and Fortech’s Capabilities

Our initial focus is on exploring the client’s challenges and needs and on matching these needs with our capabilities and resources. This normally includes analysis of the information provided by our clients, elaboration of question & answers documents, drafting solutions and prototyping. In case of a match, we advance by defining the collaboration terms.

3. Collaboration Proposal

The parties prepare and agree upon a framework contract, which defines the general terms of the partnership: delivery model, ownership, work parameters and other aspects commonly agreed upon.

4. Project Implementation

In case of long term collaborations, we may implement free of charge demos as parts of the proposal for new projects. This approach makes the outcomes highly predictable in term of costs, time and quality.
The projects are implemented in different iterations, with clear outcomes defined for each iteration. The project implementation process generally follows several phases:

  • Project offer
  • Order confirmation
  • Implementation
  • Delivery
  • Client acceptance