5 Apr 2016Fortech Opens a Delivery Center in Oradea

At the beginning of this month Fortech has announced an expansion of its operations, with the official opening of a new office in Oradea. This becomes the company’s first development site, situated outside Cluj. Also, by the end of the spring Fortech will inaugurate an office in the north-eastern part of the country, in Iasi.


“Fortech has known a progressive evolution throughout time. We built brick by brick and consolidated every level before moving to the next. This approached brought us to a level of maturity (in terms of technical expertise, business knowledge, internal processes) which allows us to consider expanding our presence in new regions. We are glad to have reached this milestone”, said Călin Văduva, Fortech CEO. The opening of our office in Oradea is part of the business consolidation plan, which we have adopted in the recent years. Also it stands as a confirmation of our commitment to offer quality services and long term engagement models for the clients we work with. Hopefully this will provide both our clients and our employees rewarding experiences”, added Călin Văduva.

The addition of the Oradea center further strengthens company’s ability to respond to its clients’ growing needs with qualitative software solutions while providing strong prospects for people across the region.

“Currently, the team already counts 9 members, all of them experienced software engineers. This size is expected to double by year-end. Our aim is to develop here in Oradea a small expertize center, with mid-senior professionals who are dedicated to work at high standards of quality. The primary focus is on JAVA, .NET and Web technologies. Depending on the project requests we might offer other opportunities too. A first milestone is to transfer here the full cycle of 2 projects”, said Alexandra Bayer, HR Manager.


The new office occupies a rented space, in the modern business center, Oradea Business Centre, which is situated in close proximity to all important points in the city.

With a mix of, well-educated people, a technical University, open local authorities, and its proximity to the West, Oradea promises a good business case, with high levels of agility.

Before the spring ends, Fortech will also inaugurate a new office in the North-Eastern part of the country, in Iasi.

The business expansion plan comes to complement the recent investments made by Fortech in Cluj. Here, Fortech own one office of 5000 square meters with a capacity of over 360 people and occupies 3 rented offices.