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Fortech’s Fundraising Fair

Charity / Community involvement? This is the question…

I would like to share with you some of my previous experiences as Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) & Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) addict, of which the latest was organizing the Fundraising Charity Fair in July, here at our premises.

I believe we can all agree there is tremendous power and positive energy in giving 🙂. Despite this unquestionable truth, we often start asking questions when we are invited to give away a part of our income that we so hardly worked for:

  • What is the purpose?
  • Is my contribution going to change something?
  • Is the money spent wisely?
  • Is Charity a good way to contribute?
  • What other ways do we have to actually change a state of fact, a situation?

Well, charity is about people from all walks of life giving to someone else and making a difference, but not actually changing the world, because we cannot do it by ourselves as individuals. What we can is to make a small contribution to the bigger picture. So, I guess, if you’re looking for a “fast”, non-time-consuming way to help, this is the best way to do it.

But I am sure that you’re willing to do much more, are you not? Well, either way I would like to challenge you to get more involved:

  • Indulge yourself for a while in thinking you are THE MAYOR
  • Ask yourself what is wrong in our community (Cluj-Napoca)? What frustrates you or you think should be changed in your community? Choose ONE. (step-by-step approach)
  • What have you done about it until now?
  • Well, as I have mentioned before, changing “the world” needs more than an individual: Try working in a group! Speak to your friends, colleagues or look for organizations that might have the same need as you (join them or make your own group).
  • Brainstorm with the group! (Present any ideas, as fast as they come to mind. Repetition is allowed. | No criticism allowed. Ideas must be presented in a positive way. | Ideas will be classified according to their values, not the presenter.)
  • Make a Community project from it (it could be a team building exercise in your actual team too) => Project Planning (The Mission or Purpose | The Key Result Areas | The Objectives | Individual Responsibilities | The Deadlines | Budget | Strategies and detailed Action Steps – find stakeholders, groups of interest that might help or join you)
  • Let’s get to business = Action plan (Members must know goals | Efforts are coordinated and followed-up | Tasks are shared | Everybody is informed about the progress | The Chairman must take an active role and personal interest in the project and the progress of each member)
  • Evaluation (Recognition to everyone involved | Thanks to other organizations involved | Review actions and detect problems | To what degree has the project achieved it goals? | Why problems happened and how to avoid them in the future | Benefits to members, chapter & Community)

Is there anything holding you back now? If you think you have it in you and just need a little guidance, let me know and I’ll gladly help you.

Well, let’s get back to results: FORTECH’s Fundraising Fair managed to solve at least one small problem: Maria-Gabriel Foster Home raised 877 RON from sales and managed to pay their gas invoice. They have sent us a thank you note: “In July, Fortech’s team members made us a nice surprise with the donations that they have made during the fair. The amount of 877 RON that you have donated by buying different handmade products made by the girls was used to pay the gas invoice. The girls and our team kindly thank you for your contribution. You are always welcome at our home to find out more about us and how you could join our cause. “(Adela Florean – project coordinator). The Estuar Foundation raised 350 RON, which will be used for the organization’s crafting activities.

Article written by Ioana Sirbu

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