High-end .Net Software Projects Developed in Cluj, Romania

The following brief project descriptions will give you a glimpse into the complex and diverse work our specialists have completed over the years. All the solutions presented below are the result of custom software development endeavors, carried out either as offshore software outsourcing or nearshore software outsourcing projects.

Solar Plant Monitoring and Reporting Tool

The application’s main goal is to collect data from solar inverters through the Internet and allow the solar plant owners to display this information in a web browser.

  • Effort: 4+ years (ongoing)
  • Technologies: .NET 4.0+ (ASP. NET, ADO. NET, Linq To SQL, Silverlight, WPF), LESS + Bundling, Web Services, Windows Services, SQL Server 2012, Dundas charts, DevExpress, iOS and Android Mobile technologies

eCommerce Suite

The system consists of a comprehensive suite of eCommerce and eMarketing tools, with modules for online commerce, purchasing planning, digital circulars and recipes, social and mobile commerce, among others.

  • Effort: 4+ years (ongoing)
  • Technologies: ASP .NET, C#, Fluent Nhibernate, Structure Map, Nunit, Entity framework, SASS, HTML, CSS, jQuery, Javascript

ERP System

The project consisted in building a modular ERP system that handles the following business processes: order management, project management, warehousing, manufacturing and business intelligence.

  • Effort: 5 years
  • Technologies: Silverlight, WCF, IIS

Data Quality Modeling

Generic data processing/transformation workbench with a workflow-based interaction model. Modeling data quality processes leads to modeling data workflows.

  • Effort: 350 MDs
  • Technologies: .NET (ASP. NET, ADO. NET), C#, Web Services, Windows Services, Sql Server 2005, FindLink, AddressDoctor, Win32

Sales Pipeline & Financial Reporting Tool

The project consisted of developing a set of reports for the sales department of a large corporation. The reports were developed using ActiveReports and CrystalReports, with Astea Alliance integration code written in VB.

  • Effort: 150 MDs
  • Technologies: VB .NET, Astea Alliance 6.8 ActiveReports, CrystalReports, Sql Server 2005

Communication Services Management

The application enables the management of service orders, organized in contracts listed by customer. To access the persistence layer of an SAP system, Web Services technology was used. Simplified WAP user interface was also provided in order to provide access from mobile and palm devices.

  • Effort: 250 MDs
  • Technologies: ASP .NET, Visual Basic .NET, Web Services, SAP, XML, WAP

Do your .Net application development in Romania and the results will exceed your expectations!