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Alin Software Developer at Fortech


Java software developer at Fortech, very passionate about technology. In his free time he enjoys playing sports and watching TV series.

Ciprian Software Developer at Fortech


Has been working at Fortech for 12 years. He believes that being a programmer is not limited to writing code. It implies also to understand the whole development process (from analysis, development, testing to GO-Live). In his free time, he enjoys listening to music, see movies at cinema and hanging out with friends.

Lucian Software Developer at Fortech


Software Engineer @ Fortech, passionate about Java and .NET, with almost 9 years of experience. Among his passions are biking, paragliding, skiing and other outdoor activities.

Marius Software Developer at Fortech


Software developer at Fortech, very passionate about Java technology. He likes to share his knowledge with young professionals, interested in discovering and unlocking the mysteries of Java.

Vlad Software Developer at Fortech


Java developer at Fortech, Vlad enjoys getting involved in various challenging projects and is very passionate about his work. In his spare time, he likes practicing sports and playing video games.