Mobile Application Prototypes for Radio Streaming

The mobile radio streaming application presents the user with a list of radio stations from they can choose. Detailed information about each station is available on the details screen. The user can play the stream associated with each of the radio stations easily, relying on a very simple set of controls.

  • Effort: 100 MDs
  • Technologies: iPhone OS (Objective-C, Foundation Framework, Audio Streamer), BlackBerry OS (Java, net.rim.blackberry, Streaming Player API), Windows Mobile OS (C#, Windows Mobile SDK .NET COM interoperability), Android (Java, Android SDK, AdWhirl SDK)
  • Project type: nearshore iOS development
  • Development location: Cluj-Napoca, Romania

GPRS Based Mobile Chat

This solution is a chat system that offers phone and PC users the possibility to communicate and exchange information. The users may send/receive different messages/information using a mobile phone interface or a PC user interface.

  • Effort: 200 MDs
  • Technologies: J2ME, Symbian, Java, Swing, XML, SQL, MySql
  • Project type: iOS software outsourcing
  • Development location: Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Mobile Training with Chest Belt

The application runs on a mobile phone/PDA and monitors a person’s vital and environmental data during sport workouts, by reading sensor values coming from a strap attached to the person. The solution communicates with several Java servers, web sites and Java desktop solutions.

  • Effort: 4600 MDs
  • Technologies: J2ME, J2ME Polish, Java, Swing, J2EE, Hibernate, Spring Framework, JBoss, ActiveMQ, WebServices (Axis2), Struts
  • Project type: custom iOS software development
  • Development location: Cluj-Napoca, Romania

The Mobile Version of a Wine Almanac

A very intuitive application, providing information about the current wine collection from the publisher’s yearly almanac. Users can keep track of wines they like or dislike and search for wine stores by current location, zip code or address. Users can also write reviews of their favorite wines and share these reviews by email or Twitter.

  • Effort: 90 MDs
  • Technologies: Objective-C, Foundation Framework, Core Location Framework, Message UI Framework

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