QA and Testing Portfolio

With more than 12 years of outsourcing software testing services, our QA teams are ready to accommodate any need. Browse our selection of successful projects in QA outsourcing below.

Speech Recognition Solution Testing

The product is a market leader in Europe in speech recognition technology for the healthcare industry and therefore has very high quality standards. The greatest challenge of the testing process is to fully test the API integrated with many different customer applications. We added value to the process with the very coherent and comprehensive test system architecture, which led to clear and easy to follow test cases and scripts, high coverage of the features to be tested, and simple monitoring of the application quality throughout the development process.

  • Effort: 4+ years (ongoing)
  • Technologies: UI Manual and Automated Testing, Test CompleteAPI Testing (standalone and integration testing), NUnit
  • Project type: software testing
  • Project location: Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Enterprise Resource Planning – UI Automation

The challenge was to find a professional solution to ensure optimal test coverage and reduce the maintenance efforts for the ERP system. Another main concern was to provide an easy to apply solution as far as reusing and configuration go. To satisfy all the software testing requirements the testing tools were carefully chosen. The comparative tool analysis and implementation phases were crucial for the success of this project.

  • Effort: 400 MDs
  • Technologies: UI Automation, Data-Driven Testing, Scripting Tool: Test Complete, Regression Testing
  • Project type: software QA and testing
  • Project location: Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Software Licensing Solution Testing

For this project we cover the complete quality assurance process, including Integration/Unit/Selenium tests.

  • Effort: 2+ years (ongoing)
  • Tools: JUnit, Selenium WebDriver, SOAP UI Pro, LAT (client specific platform)
  • Project type: software Quality Assurance and software testing
  • Project location: Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Product Simulation Testing

Product simulation testing is another project in which we do both QA and development. We provide manual testing with everything this involves: testing the new version of the application and the released one for maintenance, in different environments, connected to different types of databases, creating/updating/running test scripts, creating/verifying defects, clarifying issues directly with the client, working onsite etc.

  • Effort: 2+ years (ongoing)
  • Tools: CCleaner, Git, BB Recorder
  • Project type: Quality Assurance and custom software development
  • Project location: Cluj-Napoca, Romania