Full Services Approach Ensured with Complementary Services

Providing only custom software development and QA and testing services is no longer enough for most of our customers, who wish to outsource entire processes and thus focus on their core business. These processes may include services like online marketing, graphics design, preparing technical documentation, data entry and translations, among others. At Fortech you will get full support when keeping such services in house is not an option. While we will only touch online marketing and translation services here, rest assured that we can and willing to help you with many others should the need arise.

Online Marketing and Advertising

In a highly competitive market, our digital marketing team offers professional service for leveraging the potential of the online channels for increased awareness and revenue.

Our online marketing services envisage:

Paid Advertising

  • Including, but not restricted to Google AdWords, Bing PPC, Display Advertising
  • Online marketing strategy for new accounts
  • Process definition & project management setup
  • New account setup
  • Account maintenance (daily, weekly & monthly)
  • Continuous optimization
  • Reporting

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • SEO analysis
  • SEO implementation and enhancements
  • Link building

Enabling Communication

Communication is essential in the process of delivering high quality software. To enable a facile and accurate communication between our clients and our teams, we have established a translations department.

The translations team has been successfully assisting various customers in the German speaking area for several years now, translating software specifications and texts for multilingual applications in the areas of Automotive, ERP and Retail, among others.

Thus, we have consistent experience in offering translation services from German to English and from English to German, but we can also accommodate other foreign languages, should the need arise.