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Take advantage of a consistent pool of IT talent, close to you geographically and culturally, build your own dedicated software teams at Fortech and let us deal with the hassle of your software development and quality assurance operations.

Software outsourcing requires a set of “good practices” to function properly and to achieve the desired results.

Dedicated Teams for Nearshore and Offshore Software Development

Dedicated teams are the employees of a partner company that work exclusively on the client’s projects and have a tight collaboration with the client’s developers and testers. Dedicated teams are a solution for companies that want to extend their in-house software development capacity or need to add specific knowledge to their teams, but have no access to appropriate human resources in their geographical area.

Why dedicated teams for software outsourcing?

Dedicated teams have the advantage of working as parts of the clients’ organizational structures, which allows clients to have a flexible workforce depending on the project requirements. This model can be considered one of the most reliable forms of IT outsourcing both for large companies and small software firms and start-ups from the USA and Europe.

Nearshore dedicated teams for companies in Western Europe are located mostly in Central Europe. This means clients can quickly relocate the teams for training, project meetings, or other situations requiring face-to-face discussions. With offshore dedicated teams relocation is also possible, but slightly more tedious, as it requires visas and long distance travel for the engineers and the clients’ team members.

Outsourcing the in-house development is not as easy as it might seem. Having a good remote collaboration and quality code delivered depends on many aspects besides the experience and know-how of the programmers and testers involved in the collaboration.

Decisive Aspects of Successful Outsourcing Collaborations

Communication is the most important aspect, but the clear definition of the dedicated team’s responsibilities and client`s openness are also crucial. There are various approaches to communication between client and the dedicated nearshore or offshore team. Technological advancements helped a lot in this respect, providing a number of efficient tools like Jira, pivotaltracker, github and bitbucket. 10 years ago most of the remote work was managed via email and Skype. One of the key steps is to define the remote communication process very clearly from the beginning.

Dedicated nearshore or offshore teams achieve the best results when the dedicated team model is combined with the Agile methodology. Scrum is one of the most empowering instruments for remote work and it replaces the written conversation with voice calls and video conferences. Practice demonstrates that by applying Agile the client gets the following from outsourcing software development projects:

  • Iterative planning and development;
  • Regular communication between the client and dedicated team;
  • Early identification of risks;
  • Capacity to find solutions for every problem;
  • Continuous learning, knowledge sharing and processes improvement;

Agile dedicated teams help to reduce the risk of a non-uniform task resolution, late results and lack of understanding. These unpleasant situations are avoided thanks to the Agile methodology, which involves daily discussions, continuous specification review and in-time clarifications.

As a summary, we would like to point out the following main advantages of nearshore or offshore dedicated teams:

  • The developers of the partner company understand your product, your processes, share your company culture, and bring an added value to your company;
  • No infrastructure, hardware or software costs for you;
  • Flexible number of team members during the project;
  • Flexibility to add or reduce project personnel;
  • Access to technology experts in all the latest and several niche technologies;
  • Free recruitment.