Fortech is a Top Software Outsourcing and Quality Assurance Provider in Cluj-Napoca

Let us deal with the hassle of your custom software development and quality assurance needs and benefit from our technical expertise refined in over a decade, combined with the advantages of choosing a vibrant city as the destination for your IT outsourcing needs.

As one of the most important economic and educational centers in Romania, Cluj-Napoca enjoys the same features that make Romania an attractive destination for IT outsourcing, among which:

  • Strong technical expertise of the IT specialists, coupled with skills in communication, foreign languages and project management;
  • Tradition in the IT field, in the commercial, educational and R&D sectors;
  • A very dynamic business sector, mostly focused on services and value adding activities and with strong experience in business relationships with both national and international customers;
  • Closeness to Western Europe and North America in distance, time zone and culture.
Why outsourcing to Cluj-Napoca?


Cluj-Napoca is the second most populated city in Romania and the main economic center in North-Western Romania. It is located 440 kilometers from Bucharest and has a major growth potential due to the numerous companies operating in sectors such as information technology, communications, education and research.

Cluj is the largest regional transportation hub because it has direct roads, air and rail connections to major cities in Romania and Europe. The Romanian A3 Motorway links Cluj-Napoca to the Hungarian border. The city’s International Airport is the fourth busiest airport in the country. Major business centers like Munich, Dusseldorf, Dortmund, Paris, Vienna and London are among the destinations of the direct flights from Cluj.


Students from all over the country and from abroad make out 25% of Cluj-Napoca’s population. A lot of students choose Cluj-Napoca because the city hosts 10 universities and colleges of which Babes-Bolyai University, with 50.000 students, and The Technical University of Cluj-Napoca (UTCN), with 12.000 students yearly and seven technology-oriented departments (among which the Department of Automation and Computer Science and Department of Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology), stand out.

Students have very active and dynamic lives and permanently stay in touch with companies (internships, open days, technical contests, events, conferences). There are three major student organizations in the IT field (OSUT, BEST, HERMES).

The IT Sector in Cluj-Napoca

The IT companies in the city have registered constant growth even during the recent global recession.

Cluj-Napoca is the leading city in Romania in the volume of IT exports. The countries with which local IT companies have most of their collaborations include USA, Canada, Germany, UK, Switzerland, Austria, France, the Nordics, Japan, Korea and China. The profile of the local IT companies is very diverse, ranging from large IT outsourcing services providers to small entrepreneurial start-ups.

The IT sector in Cluj-Napoca is financed by domestic and foreign investors. The foreign capital is distributed among the following countries: Germany (30%), UK (22%), the Netherlands and USA (15% each), Austria (5%), Finland (4%), France and Sweden (3% each), Denmark and Switzerland (2% each) and Italy (0,5%).

A major step in the consolidation of the IT sector in Cluj-Napoca is the emerging Cluj IT cluster, an association of 23 companies, the 2 major Universities and 6 public institutions and catalyst organizations, which aim to increase the competitiveness and innovation capacity of the IT sector in Cluj-Napoca.

Outsourcing to Cluj-Napoca: An Excellent Choice for You

Local IT engineers have very good technical, communication and managerial skills and speak foreign languages which include English, German and French, making it easy for their companies to adapt to the client’s internal process and to share the client’s goals.

All in all, the city is renowned for its young and competitive professionals who have good foreign language skills and technical proficiency at competitive rates.

Outsourcing to Cluj-Napoca might prove one of the best decision you will be making.