COBOL excels at exact computation and handles large volumes of data efficiently. These strengths made it a popular choice among our customers and added it to our services offering over 10 years ago.

Your COBOL applications may be expensive or time consuming to maintain for long periods of time. If interested in developing, maintaining or migrating COBOL applications to more modern technologies you can find a reliable IT outsourcing partner in Fortech. To develop a new COBOL application all our specialists need from you is the functional specifications. Based on them they will propose the most effective solution for your business needs.

COBOL Technical Skills Set:

• Desktop technologies: Mocha, Jedit, Eclipse, Squirell, Rumba, RFTS, AJM
• Operating tools: IBM-Mainframe

Application Management Tool for the Automotive Industry

The tool is used for maintenance in the field of product documentation systems and for development and construction areas.
• Project type: offshore COBOL outsourcing
• Development location: Cluj-Napoca, Romania
• Technologies: COBOL, RFTS, AJM