QT, a comprehensive framework with extensive capabilities and features, becomes more popular with each passing day. To meet the increasing demand for specialists with this expertise we established a strong QT development group at Fortech, which includes highly skilled QT developers with extensive experience in C/C++. They can all develop effective solutions and meet complex QT project requirements.

Do you seek a competent team of QT developers? By choosing Fortech and the QT framework you will get customized and effective business solutions fully tailored to your needs. We have great experience in developing web and mobile applications of any complexity in QT, for a wide range of industries.

C/C++ and QT Skill Set at Fortech:

• Desktop technologies: C++11, Qt
• Frameworks: Qt, jQuery
• Web frontend: QT, Webkit
• Testing tools: QT framework
• Others: QT creator

Do your QT development in Romania (Cluj-Napoca) and the results will exceed your expectations!