Software Testing from Romania

The Best Bug Hunters are in Romania

Are you looking for merciless software bug hunters? Fortech’s QA and software testing teams are well known for their excellent skills in ridding your code of “creepy crawlers”, bringing and keeping your Web, cloud and mobile solutions within the required functional parameters. Many customers, from small to multinationals, from those even local companies had barely heard of to globally recognized brands, found in Fortech the perfect partner for professional software testing and quality assurance services. While helping them we have acquired valuable expertise in a variety of industries and business areas.

Black Box, White Box and GUI testing are just few of the types of testing we provide. Listed next are the QA and software testing tools we rely on in our endeavors:

QA and Software Testing Expertise and Know-how

  • Black Box Testing, White Box Testing, Gray Box Testing.
  • Smoke Testing, Regression Testing, Integration Testing.
  • System Testing, Data Driven Testing.
  • Non-functional Testing, Load Testing, User Acceptance Testing.
  • Operational Acceptance Testing, Contract Acceptance Testing.
  • Alfa and Beta Testing.
  • GUI Testing.
  • Unit Testing.

Testing Levels and Approaches

  • Component Testing.
  • Integration Testing.
  • System Testing.
  • Change Testing.
  • Confirmation Testing.
  • Regression Testing (Data Driven Test Automation).
  • Functional Testing.
  • Non-functional Testing (Performance, Load, Stress Testing).
  • Localization Testing.
  • Security Testing.
  • Smoke Testing.

Automation Testing Tools

  • NUnit, JUnit, Mercury.
  • TestComplete, TestExecute, TestRecorder.
  • Selenium (IDE, Remote control, Core), Rational Test.
  • SilkTest, WebAii Testing Framework.
  • Microsoft UI Automation, LoadRunner, JMeter.

Explore our projects portfolio for further details on our competence in quality assurance and independent testing.

Do your nearshore software testing projects in Cluj-Napoca, Romania and the results will exceed your expectations!