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My First Weeks at Fortech, a Company where People Really Matter

Friendly, relaxed people, no swipe cards for time tracking, plenty of room for one’s legs, and a calm, respectful, and optimistic company owner greeted me at Fortech. At first sight, everything seemed better than what I had been used to and pleasant surprises kept piling up over the following two weeks.

The level of professionalism in the Marketing team is way above what I had met before, unlike the egos of my colleagues, which seem to be missing altogether. Open mindedness, a friendly and comradely attitude, consideration for opinions and suggestions from other members of the team define the marketing and sales group at Fortech.

All in all, what I met here is the epitome of teamwork: a real group, with members eager to help each other, to share the tricks they discover and thus contribute to the growth of the company as a whole. Their attitude is a world apart from the atmosphere charged with grudge and disdain many of us had to face at some point in our careers.

The Fortech management and HR team have done an excellent job at fostering a real team spirit and attracting and retaining people who are not only remarkable professionals but also great human beings. One important reason for their success is the respect with which they treat all the company employees, regardless of their positions. All company procedures and policies reflect this motherly care for its people, who can always find support and good advice from the HR department or direct superior.

During the second week came my the first real “meeting” with the Confluence system, a collaboration tool from Atlassian, the owner of the popular Jira system used for issue tracking. While its level of complexity might seem mind boggling to a novice, the intuitive user interface simplifies the learning process. Since Confluence has only started to unveil its secrets to me, it is too soon to jump to conclusions. Even so, it already became apparent this software does a great job at streamlining information sharing and communication within the team.

Another achievement that really surprised me is the efficient use of a subversioning application by the marketing and HR groups, which prevents loss of data and enables change tracking per contributing team member.

The last aspect I would like to mention in my first “diary entry” as a Fortech “freshman” is the focus on planning every move well in advance, budgeting with great care, and on efficiency in the Marketing and Sales group. With nothing left to fate the results can only be impressive.

I feel privileged for having been accepted in this group of excellent professionists and remarkable human beings.

Tudor Precup, Marketing Specialist

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