Case study

AML (Anti Money Laundering) Compliance Reporting Platform


  • Generis SaaS solution for the Know Your Customer and Compliance areas of AML.
  • Fortech had full ownership of the software development, getting from the client at the project’s onset the high-level objectives.
  • Fortech also ensured the remote management of a subcontractor team.


This a generic SaaS solution for the Know Your Customer (KYC) and Compliance areas of AML. It enables financial institutions to find hidden financial dependencies between individuals and companies across the world.

The solution leverages Big Data analytics, thus lowering AML compliance costs and enabling a high level of due diligence for its users.

The project was developed in an Agile Scrum environment, following a times and materials collaboration model.


When approaching Fortech, our client was looking for a reliable partner to build a time-critical, innovative solution, with a very short time to market. Based on a successful collaboration on a previous project, we quickly set-up and started building this solution with a nearshore team that had prior experience with the same customer.

At project onset, the client only set the high-level objectives and we took full ownership of the software development process. Throughout the project, we adopted a client success mindset, enabling and encouraging unrestrained communication and the client’s direct involvement and feedback.

Thus, the development process was highly collaborative and productive. As a result of our team’s proven work quality, dedication and mutual trust, our client entrusted Fortech with managing remotely a subcontractor team that was selected for easy access to other parts of the world.

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