Case study

Automotive eCommerce Platform with AEM


  • Templates and components defined to create websites for different countries and car market’s specifics.
  • Migration from old platforms to new ones, including replacing the Classic UI with Touch UI.
  • Creation of complex forms based on car models and market’s particularities.


Our client is a global automotive company with markets worldwide and a keen interest in digitalizing its products and creating innovative goods. The solution is an Automotive eCommerce platform customized to each country and market particularities. It provides a personalized experience based on the bestselling products and integrates different brands from the same car manufacturer.

This innovative car presentation website has the best performance compared to its competitors. Its new Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Forms ensure an easy to use application for both the authors and users:

  • The Test Drive App can be customized based on different car models
  • Each country’s website is predefined with its bestselling cars and requires custom fields for users
  • The user can book a car based on the availability of the models in the dealer location

Moreover, the platform integrates analytics to help the automotive software development team understand users’ online behavior and transform their feedback into the next features.


The collaboration started more than five years ago with a distributed team.

Equipped with high-quality software development skills, we help the client offer a better digital experience to his customers. Our team uses AEM to build the Authoring and Publisher platform, enabling the Author to produce personalized content for the users.

The platform operates a highly available, globally distributed, latency-bound web service hosted exclusively on Amazon Web Services.

The project we work on is divided into four verticals:

  • Core – includes Data Layer, AEM specific and Java Development
  • DevOps – responsible for the platform’s infrastructure and its maintenance
  • Authoring – the platform interface for the content creators
  • Publisher – the platform as seen by the user

We are organized into three agile distributed teams, consisting of AEM developers, software testers, DevOps, Scrum Masters, and a project manager.

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