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Fortech – Sponsor at BattleLab Robotica

Chrome Valkyrie, the team sponsored by Fortech, won the second prize at BattleLab Robotica on Saturday, May 9th. Claudiu, Andreea, Filip and Codrin created a strong robot, who thrashed 24 opponents in a sumo battle. Congratulations!

Sumo participants

BattleLab Robotica is a contest organized by BEST for all the students from Technical University, Cluj-Napoca and other technical universities in Romania. The goal for each of the competitors was to implement an autonomous sumo robot, able to identify the opponent robot and remove it from the playing surface, in 1 to 1 combats. This contest is a good opportunity for students to assess their practical skills based on theoretical concepts learned in college.

BattleLab Robotica aims at promoting team spirit, developing the capacity for organization and project management and motivating students to apply their theoretical knowledge.

This year’s edition of  BattleLab Robotica was the 5th and attracted more than 30 partners, sponsors and media partners and over 200 visitors. Chrome Valkyrie defeated robots like Fier (a real iron-robot), Pufoshenia (a handsome robot with velvet carcass), Nyan (the Nyan Cat robot), creepy Chucky, shy Blandu etc. Robot Wolf won the golden medal.

BattleLab Robotica 2015

More info about Battle Robotica here.

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