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Andrei Suciu

Software Architect with extensive knowledge on various tools and technologies such as: Spring, Spring Cloud, Kubernetes, Google Cloud, Redis, IaaS (Infrastructure as Code). In his spare time, he likes to play football and go out with his bike.
Andrei Moga - Full-stack developer Fortech

Andrei Moga

Full-stack developer with over 11 years of experience, mostly in web development (mainly Java) and mobile cross-platform development.

Bogdan Fasie

Started as an Android Developer in 2016, but 4 years ago he switched to Java, Spring. In his free time he likes to read.

Anda Dregan

Back-end developer, since 2018 at Fortech, where her career in IT started, working on telecom industry projects. In her free time, she loves hiking, playing with her dog, reading, and watching movies.
Attila Kolya - Full-Stack Developer Fortech

Attila Kolya

Full-stack developer with a focus on web application development. He loves to teach coding and to give back to the community.