Java Internship


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Andrei Moga - Full-stack developer Fortech

Andrei Moga

Full-stack developer with over 11 years of experience, mostly in web development (mainly Java) and mobile cross-platform development.
Attila Kolya - Full-Stack Developer Fortech

Attila Kolya

Full-stack developer with a focus on web application development. He loves to teach coding and to give back to the community.
Zoltan Andras - Full-Stack Developer Fortech

Zoltan Andras

Full-stack developer with experience in web development (Java, Php, Javascript). He enjoys sports, nature and lots of music. Also known as zen-head of the team.
Zoltan Balogh - Front-End Developer Fortech

Zoltan Balogh

Front-end developer with expertise in web development. His experience covers a wide variety of projects ranging from back-end systems to front-end applications, using languages such as PHP, C, JavaScript to name a few.