Java Summer Internship Oradea


Internship Information

Required Background

Lucian Pascalau - Java Developer Fortech

Lucian Pascalau

Java developer with experience in coordinating internship programs, Lucian is always willing to invest in the young generations, thus he is one of our top mentors for the annual internship programs.
Raul Popa - Front-End Developer Fortech

Raul Popa

Front-end developer with experience in web and desktop development. Passionate about coordinating young programmers, Raul always involves in this type of activities.
Zoltan Andras - Full-Stack Developer Fortech

Zoltan Andras

Full-stack developer with experience in web development (Java, Php, Javascript). He enjoys sports, nature and lots of music. Also known as zen-head of the team.
Zoltan Balogh - Front-End Developer Fortech

Zoltan Balogh

Front-end developer with expertise in web development. His experience covers a wide variety of projects ranging from back-end systems to front-end applications, using languages such as PHP, C, JavaScript to name a few.