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Cristian Leu

Cristi has been working in the IT industry since 2017. He joined the Fortech team through the internship program and had a truly awesome experience that helped him understand the basics of programming and made him want to evolve and always expand his technical knowledge. At the moment Cristi is a Fullstack developer with a passion for React and Node and also takes great pleasure from passing along his knowledge to the next generation of colleagues.

Dorin Belascu

Web developer since April 2021 and 3 years previous experience in embedded software development. In his free time, Dorin really likes engaging in diverse sports activities like swimming, football, tennis, spike ball. He also enjoys a lot spending time with his friends, especially while hiking, partying, or practicing winter sports.

Ioan Bercean

Started as a web developer in 2016 and loved it since. Worked with different libraries and frameworks such as React, Angular, handlebars, AMP, firebase & firebase functions. In his free time, Ioan enjoys snowboarding, playing guitar, hiking, and climbing.