A Look Inside Fortech

How We Hire

We are constantly looking for passionate IT professionals eager to bring a fresh perspective to our teams. Discover the steps we take in hiring, from the preliminary matching phase to on-boarding.


Our Pre-Employment Training Program is an intensive short-term experience addressing specific learning needs and aspirations of recent graduates or students interested in starting a rewarding career in IT.


While we don’t offer the traditional 3 months internship program, we have continuous opportunities for students on the lookout for a taste of the IT field or at the beginning of their careers.

Life at Fortech

Being part of Fortech means getting the chance to deepen and broaden your skills in your areas of interest. Specific to our work is the multitude of challenging projects we get involved in when developing custom software for our clients. All this software addresses real world problems and opportunities with results that make us proud of our work.