Case study

Cash Management Analytics Tool


  • Complex e-Banking web application for real-time visibility of banking estates.
  • The team at Fortech developed the UI application and rewrote legacy code.
  • A continuous improvement practice was adopted.

.NET Core 2.0, C#, Angular 4, PostgreSQL, Docker, GIT


Project Management, Software Development, Software Testing


Team Size

2 Years





The solution is a complex web application that offers real-time visibility over the entire banking estate of a user.

Also, it allows users to transfer on-demand large amounts of cash from one account to another, from one currency to another and even from one continent to another. Thus, the solution enables the organization of cash moves for optimal returns.

Therefore, users can reap the benefits of keeping their extra money in a high-interest account and earn the maximum amount of interest on their funds.


The customer approached Fortech to develop a UI application for their existing banking back-end. The project started with one person and grew gradually: project manager, software architect, and software engineers.

Fortech has been responsible for requirements analysis, planning and documentation management, software development, and quality assurance. The team has rewritten legacy code, performing frequent releases into production through the adoption of a continuous improvement practice.

Also, they assessed the production environment and the source code. Moreover, the team at Fortech developed new services and performed software testing activities.

Client Benefits


Fast prototyping, and development followed by frequent releases into production.


The ability to fast ramp-up the team as the project evolved.


Mixed seniority team with strong technical know-how.