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Advantages of the .NET Framework | Fortech
Top 10 Advantages of the .NET Framework
This article was written by Irina, software architect at Fortech, experienced in .NET development.  It presents the top benefits of choosing the .NET framework for application development, by analyzing both the business and technical advantages.   Introduction As soon as you decide to invest in a software application, you’ve surely identified a need on the market and you already have a solid business plan prepared. You might be an expert in your domain, but when it comes to implementing that idea, the right technologies and tools for it are not always clear from the beginning. The
Talent Management and HR competencies
HR Competencies – Rising to Meet the Business Challenge
The world of business is now a global village which raises new challenges and provides countless opportunities. As a consequence, the focus is not only on financial results but also on value creation. To meet these challenges, the competencies of HR professionals must be ever-evolving, as they play an unique role of liaisons between people and business issues. But what are the capabilities needed by HR professionals to deliver value? This we are about to discover.Source 1. Credible Activist The HR professionals have to be credible to both their HR counterparts and the business line managers