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Paul Avram, Search Engineer, on His Tech Journey from Gaming to Copyright Detection

Explore Paul Avram's journey from a gaming enthusiast to a skilled Search Engineer. Proficient in Python and Elasticsearch, he tackles copyright infringement detection, is committed to project data management, and fosters a goal-driven culture in a diverse team at Fortech.

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Ioana Bejan, on Pursuing Excellence as a Business Analyst

Meet Ioana Bejan, Business Analyst. Explore with us Ioana’s story and discover how computers impacted her life since she was a second-grade student.

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Florentina, Full-Stack Developer, on Striving for Excellence and Crafting eBike Ecosystem Applications

Florentina Ilie has almost 15 years of experience in software development. She fueled her career journey with perseverance and hard work, continuously striving to become a better professional. Read about her career, the multiple hats she wears, and the eBike project she is currently working on.

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[More Than] Project Managing

Since 2003, we’ve had the chance to experience a lot of management styles and client requirements. Each project has its particularities, but there is a common fundamental variable that can predict the success of any project: the mindset. Discover here our insights on embracing agility in a software development project.

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Software Development Services - Digital Brick and Mortar for the New Economy

Forging the right cross-industry alliances with technology partners will largely decide how companies perform post-COVID-19. Learn more about how the right engagement model might make the difference in any business transformation project and how software development is the Infrastructure of the future.

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What Makes Smart Mobility Technology So Relevant Now and In the Future?

Smart mobility is about enhancing the efficiency and sustainability of the systems and connections that make up modern cities. As part of our approach, we see technologies as tools that assist us in providing added value to users, translated into the resolution of their problems.

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Data Governance and Interoperability of Healthcare Information Systems – The Role They Play in Innovation

To better understand how data governance fits into the interoperability of healthcare information systems, let's first look at what data governance refers to.

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Take Digital Innovation from Concept to Implementation

A new perspective and a digital strategy became mandatory to any consulting firm that aims to stay competitive in the market. Explore how, partnering with a software services company, a consulting firm can meet the clients’ growing expectations in terms of digital transformation.

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Recommendations on How to Improve Interoperability in Healthcare

Healthcare Interoperability can be challenging from a software development perspective. Therefore, establishing a checklist outlining the key implementation factors we should consider is crucial. Explore our recommendations in this article.

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6 Benefits of Interoperability in Healthcare: Placing HealthTech at the Heart of the Delivery System

Why is interoperability so important to the healthcare industry, and what impact does it have on healthcare providers' delivery systems? As you will discover in the following article, it is all about the benefits. Learn more about them and assess which ones you still need to accomplish.

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Exploring the Frontiers of AI: A Look Into the Current State of AI in 2023

This article is a vital source for understating the current landscape of AI technology while addressing the complex “black box” challenges.

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Enabling Continuous Integration_GL

Developers and businesses want to move faster and to add more value to their products in a safe manner. Continuous Integration is part of a set of practices that allows them to do that. Learn from this article the fundamentals of Continuous Integration and how you can apply it to your projects.

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