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Marketing Through the Digital “Window”. An Enlarged View for 2016

Closing 2015 and looking forward into 2016, local IT managers have shared their predictions on this year’s trends on both technical and general business topics. Read here the key principles from which a business should address brand communications in the new digital era, as presented by our marketing manager.

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Software Outsourcing Versus Own Product Development

In a landscape where about 80% of Cluj-Napoca’s IT companies provide software outsourcing services, own product development is rarely encountered. For the few IT companies that seek to create a product development expertise, finding the right specialists is a challenge. A challenge we are ready to tackle.

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Embracing Change in IT

Whether we talk about professional or organizational development, change has become an implicit requirement in our pursuit of excellence. We are constantly challenged to adopt the changes that impact our work environment and disrupt our comfort zone. But what does it mean to embrace change in IT?

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Halloween at Fortech

A hallowed evening took over Fortech, covering our headquarters with creepy faces, awful sweets and spooky decorations. Our colleagues embraced the spirit by entering darkness contests - office decoration, costume or/and pumpkin carving. All guests enjoyed good music, pumpkin pie and a horror movie.

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Historical Perspective of the IT Phenomenon in Cluj-Napoca

An IT hot-spot, Cluj-Napoca is one of the most popular destinations for IT outsourcing in Romania and Eastern Europe. But how did it all begin? Learn from this article how the IT field evolved in Cluj-Napoca, the competitive advantage the local players have and possible future directions and perspectives.

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Runners Meet at Faget Tour Fortech

Races, contests and games. Our hard work paid off. At its first edition, our “Faget Fortech Tour” event was a success. On the morning of 24th of October, over 600 runners from all over gathered at the starting line, waiting for the go signal. The program comprised activities for both adults and children.

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Team Academy Students Discovering Fortech

To-do list for the day: nurture the entrepreneurial spirit of students. Fortech opened its doors to a group of 25 curious international students from Team Academy. They got a glimpse into the daily life of a software engineer and learned about Cluj-Napoca’s business environment.

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Pre-employment Training Time

This month, Fortech hosts 5 pre-employment training programs opened to students or graduates from the IT field. The programs are designed to combine both theoretical and practical components, in 3,6 or 8 weeks of intensive learning. Join us in exploring the basics of Mobile, .NET, QA or Web technologies.

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IT Outsourcing – the Fastest Growing Sector in Romania

The IT sector in Romania enjoyed rapid growth. Supported by the government, through favorable legislation, and by software companies through sustainable development programs, the IT outsourcing Romanian sector is equivalent to Austria’s GDP and rapidly outrunning other Easter European countries.

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Fortech Proudly Supports the Local IT Community

We have a strong commitment to the development of our colleagues and providing them with learning opportunities or supporting their chosen career paths. That is why we constantly get involved in the local IT community by sponsoring events where our colleagues can broaden their horizons.

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Fortech – Sponsor at BattleLab Robotica

The Chrome Valkyrie team, sponsored by Fortech, won the second prize at BattleLab Robotica with their strong robot who thrashed 24 opponents in a sumo battle. BattleLab Robotica is a competition organized by BEST, a place where the brightest future engineers can bring their robots to life and into combat.

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Fortech makes over 100 new friends @ ElectroTech

A delegation from Fortech enjoyed four days amongst eager students passionate about software development and interested to start a career in IT. ElectroTech and the Faculty of Automation and Computer Science from UTCN hosted our “Fortech corner”, visited by more than 100 students.

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