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Meet Ligia: Project Manager, Product Owner, and an Active Community Member

Ligia has a broad background in academic and market research. A few years ago, she discovered her passion for business analysis and decided to make a career change. She started from scratch, but her ambition, motivation, and desire to learn led her to a rapid career growth. Discover her story.

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Meet Oana: Community Builder, JavaScript Developer, and Mother of Two

Meet Oana Șipoș, JavaScript Developer, and discover her inspiring journey of building communities and finding her place as a professional. Follow her journey from working from home before it was cool to finding a dream team at Fortech and becoming a true pillar in the local community.

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Crafting Software Projects and Career Paths with Daniel, .NET Software Architect

Daniel Bran has been a key person who contributed to the Oradea team’s growth from 12 to 120+ people. As he is eager to evolve and help others do so constantly, his career path brought him to a double-hat role as a Software Architect and Engineering Manager. Read about Daniel’s growth journey.

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Bringing the Hospitality Industry to the Next Level with Sergiu, Android Developer

The starting point of all great achievements is perseverance, and Sergiu Ciulean leads by example. From bringing the hospitality industry to the next level to being a self-taught guitar player. Learn more about Sergiu’s inspiring seven-year journey as an Android Software Developer and as an artist. 

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Mihai, DevOps Engineer, on Continuous Learning and Helping Software Projects Run Smoother

Mihai Soroceanu is a true example of a man of many talents. Read about his career journey with double-hats roles, the Healthcare project he is currently working on, and his continuous eagerness to learn. Also, discover his hidden passion – volleyball, and the referee certificate he owns.

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Whitepaper | How PSD3 Could Close the Gap Between Implementation and Actual Adoption

The PSD2 directive, introduced in 2018, was meant to drive innovation and competition in the market. Have banks been looking at it wrong? Nonetheless, we look forward to PSD3. It will not only promote a level playing field for all market participants but will likely also explain technical specifications and requirements in greater detail.

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2021 in Review on Fortech's Blog: From Voice Assistants in Banking to Cybersecurity & More

Through 2021 as remote and hybrid work turned from a sprint into a marathon, we’ve taken a deep dive into what digital transformation brings to critical business sectors across all industries. We've also analyzed how software development services impact the future of business amid the COVID-19 pandemic and how companies can fight cyberattacks.

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From Repairing Cars to Programming their Software with George, Java Developer

Some might say George Gabrielli isn't a typical software developer. Breaking developer stereotypes, he loves getting his hands dirty, literally getting covered in oil and grease to repair a car, change a tire, or replace a brake pad. Get a glimpse #BehindTheCode, meet George, Java Software Developer.

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Programming Renewable Energy Monitoring Systems with Edina, .NET Software Developer

Edina Balog joined Fortech in 2018. Since then, she has had the opportunity to explore different career growth perspectives by working with various technologies and gaining experience in mobile, desktop, and web development. Today, she is working on a complex Renewable Energy Monitoring System.

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Crafting Mobile Apps for Healthcare and Helping Others Grow with Catalin, Team Leader

Cătălin Prața discovered his passion for Mobile Development back in 2010. Ten years after, he’s a Mobile Team Leader and continues learning while helping others grow. Discover Cătălin’s career journey, the healthcare project he is currently working on, and the Fortech Mobile Community he is leading.

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Daniel, Senior COBOL Developer, on Mastering Your Software Craft

Daniel Vrannai joined Fortech 10 years ago. He saw the company’s growth from 100 to almost 1000 colleagues and is proud to leave a mark in this story. Read about his passion for solving complex technical challenges and the joy he found in mastering the software craft he’s building.

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Laura, Product Owner, on Comebacks and Finding the Right Career Path

For Laura Vaida-Strilciuc, Fortech's warm, friendly culture and can-do mindset were the main reasons for rejoining the team after five years away. Below, she talks about navigating her unconventional career journey in economics, audit, and IT. Get a glimpse #BehindTheCode, meet Laura.

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