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Vlad, Senior Java Developer, on Crafting Business Intelligence Software for the Automotive Industry

Vlad Iliescu joined Fortech as an intern over six years ago. Get a glimpse #BehindTheCode. Read about his involvement in a complex project for the automotive industry and the steep learning curve that it gave him.

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Software Development Services - Digital Brick and Mortar for the New Economy

Forging the right cross-industry alliances with technology partners will largely decide how companies perform post-COVID-19. Learn more about how the right engagement model might make the difference in any business transformation project and how software development is the Infrastructure of the future.

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Lucian, Project Manager, on Crafting an AI-Powered Risk Management Solution

Lucian Balan, or Luci - how we call him, has been part of the Fortech story since 2007. Get a glimpse #BehindTheCode. Read about his current project and team, his career as Software Project Manager, and his hobbies.

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Vlad on Architecting Customized Experiences in Telecom

Vlad Bura, one of our first colleagues in Oradea, has been instrumental in the growth of #FortechOradea. Get a glimpse #BehindTheCode. Read about his involvement in a major telecom project, his Fortech career as Software Architect, and about Vlad as a person.

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DevOps: Ready to Shift to Continuous Delivery?

The shift in approach to providing infrastructure for critical and value-generating applications, from on-premise and leased data center hardware to cost-efficient and secure cloud providers, has made the value of cloud deployment clear.

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Why Fintech Software Development is Imperative in a Successful Post COVID-19 Financial Industry

Navigating what many are dubbing the “new normal” in the financial industry requires a new approach and innovative ideas. Explore the benefits of custom fintech software development services in this process and learn more about how to overcome challenges with a better customer experience.

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Digital Transformation and the Future of Car Retail in the Automotive Industry

In a sea of changing trends, the future of automotive retail requires brands to do more than just move online. At Fortech, among other frameworks, we leverage AEM in order to create digital experiences tailored to the automotive industry. To facilitate this automotive digital transformation, brands need modern, reliable, and secure websites that appeal to the end-user and support the current car buying process.

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Improving Security in Software Outsourcing

Explore the pressures that the shift to home office has put on software outsourcing companies in terms of security. The 300% increase in cybercrime during the pandemic is one of our main concerns. Learn from Fortech's experience and discover the measures that we have been taking to address these challenges.

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Practicing Internal Hackathons with Your Dedicated Software Development Team

Hackathons evolved into a cross-functional mainstream business practice for building culture and stimulating innovation. At Fortech, we co-developed with one of our clients an internal hackathon to boost creativity, solve challenges, and re-energize the dedicated software development team.

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Connected Car Software Development: How to Get it Right

To overcome the challenges and pitfalls of connected car software development OMEs turn to specialized automotive software development companies. This article outlines some of the challenges and pitfalls that manufacturers need to be aware of and highlights how they overcome them.

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Mobility as a Service (Maas) is Shaping the Future of the Fleet Management Software

Automotive software developers now need to consider MaaS when developing software platforms for fleet management. Technological advances, telematics, and new legislation have reshaped the transport industry in the last decade and now ride-hailing and car-sharing fleets that enter the market are doing the same.

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Digital Banking Made Easy with AI

Financial organizations need to automate their processes by developing personalized lending and credit scoring systems to increase efficiency, decrease costs, and enhance user experience. Learn more about what might AI change in back-office processes and improve in customer experience and how can AI transform the financial ecosystem.

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