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Volteem App
Volteem – Volunteers Can Change the World!
Volteem is an application that enhances and facilitates the collaboration between volunteers and NGOs. The idea for creating the application emerged when a team of five passionate high-school students – The Happy Coders – came together as part of the educational program “Discover Your Call in IT”. From there and until the end of the program, they developed an advanced Android prototype of the app, while gaining both technical know-how and soft skills. Ranked 1st in the program’s ending competition, Volteem is taken into consideration for funding and might be launched onto the
MIT Global Entrepreneurship
My Experience at MIT Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp 2017
This article was written by Andreea, a student at “Alexandru Ioan Cuza University” (UAIC) – Faculty of Computer Science – Iasi, sponsored by Fortech to attend the MIT Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp 2017. This year I had the privilege to attend the MIT Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp Class 5 – a week-long leadership program designed to give bootcampers a taste of “drinking from the firehose” that all MIT students experience.  Although this experience was supposed to start on 26th of March, for me it started long before that, from the moment I started my application.
Electric Castle 2014
Electric Castle, an Electric Experience
The event was perfectly organized, featured excellent music, an aristocratic setup, clean air, sleepless nights and inspiration and attracted nice people… all these made from the festival held in Bontida one of the best experiences I have had so far. It was here that I slept in a tent for the first time 🙂 An unforgettable experience, a must do. To continue my idea about tents… the camping area was so overcrowded that no places were left on Saturday… The ground of the festival is the perfect venue for making friends, continuously meeting friends of friends, for startling
Hackathon Techsylvania - Cluj-Napoca
Impressions from the Techsylvania Hackathon
The much awaited hackathon held on May 31st and June 21st in Cluj-Napoca attracted 10 of our colleagues, of which 2 decided to share their experiences with us. The hackathon was followed on June 2nd by a conference where the winners were presented on stage and seasoned specialists lectured on hot topics on start-ups like How To Go From A Startup To Public Listed Company, Common Mistakes Made, The Story Of Expanding Across Europe And Beyond and Epic Failures – And What We Can Learn From Them. We will next briefly present Paul’s and Remus’ impressions. Paul: Techsylvania
Cycling Transalpina
Cycling in the Clouds on Transalpina
If I were to describe Transalpina I would say it is a magical landscape where you can feel and touch the beauty of the world, be in tune with nature and look back with nostalgia on Romania’s great history. It is also worth mentioning that Transalpina is the road built at the highest altitudes in Romania and also one of the most breathtaking in the world.        The idea of our journey came about a year ago, when our colleague Daniel crossed the Carpathian Mountains from Sebes to Novaci (obviously, on Transalpina) and thought to himself: What a beautiful road for cycling! Amazing! A
My First Weeks at Fortech, a Company where People Really Matter
Friendly, relaxed people, no swipe cards for time tracking, plenty of room for one’s legs, and a calm, respectful, and optimistic company owner greeted me at Fortech. At first sight, everything seemed better than what I had been used to and pleasant surprises kept piling up over the following two weeks. The level of professionalism in the Marketing team is way above what I had met before, unlike the egos of my colleagues, which seem to be missing altogether. Open mindedness, a friendly and comradely attitude, consideration for opinions and suggestions from other members of the team