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[More Than] Project Managing

Since 2003, we’ve had the chance to experience a lot of management styles and client requirements. Each project has its particularities, but there is a common fundamental variable that can predict the success of any project: the mindset. Discover here our insights on embracing agility in a software development project.

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Top 10 Technology Trends with Lasting Impact on the Software Industry - Part 2

We resume our discussion about the most influential technology trends for the software industry in 2019 and beyond. Building smart strategies around these trends will give software companies the chance to thrive in the most dynamic business environment mankind has witnessed so far.

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The Next Step in Microservices – Using gRPC with .NET Core 3.0

The release of .NET Core 3.0 is just around the corner. As gRPC will be made a first-class citizen, .NET developers using the microservices architecture will be able to create a system of composed verticals with clear boundaries. Take the next step and learn in this article how to get started.

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Top 10 Technology Trends with Lasting Impact on the Software Industry – Part 1

Technology breakthroughs disrupt our world. Some of them make an impact on the way we work or live today, while others get unnoticed or fade away quickly. Discover our insights into the most promising technology trends that we expect to have a strong and lasting impact on the software industry.

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How to Get the Most Out of PostgreSQL by Using Custom Hibernate Types

PostgreSQL is a very advanced relational database system. It supports a variety of column types, among which the SQL standard ones are most known. Discover in this article how to map additional types, such as json, hstore, array, inet, range, and enum by using custom Hibernate Types.

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Blazor, a C# Friendly Single-Page Application (SPA) Framework

Blazor is a very interesting, yet experimental, UI framework. It allows developers to reuse their C# skills and use the .NET framework to its full capabilities to create faster web applications. Learn from this article how to set-up a Blazor project, as well as its limitations and advantages.

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Top 10 Advantages of .NET Core

Choosing the best fitting technology for your software application can be difficult without knowing the pros and cons of each available option. Discover in this article the benefits of choosing .NET Core for application development by glancing at both its business and technical advantages.

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Work Optimization in Distributed Agile Development Projects

As early adopters of Agile methodologies, we managed various distributed Agile development projects, facing challenges and crafting effective solutions to overcome obstacles and streamline cooperation. Discover how we optimized our work through operational excellence.

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Enabling Continuous Integration

Developers and businesses want to move faster and to add more value to their products in a safe manner. Continuous Integration is part of a set of practices that allows them to do that. Learn from this article the fundamentals of Continuous Integration and how you can apply it to your projects.

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How to Create a Visual Studio Template for Your Microservices Architecture

Maintaining consistency in .NET projects that rely on the microservices architecture might seem difficult without the right tools. By configuring a custom template, Visual Studio enables you and your team to use the same structure across all your projects. Create your own by following this step by step tutorial.

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TagHelpers in ASP.NET Core MVC

The TagHelpers addition to ASP.NET Core MVC is here to stay and will be supported by Microsoft in the 2.1 version of the framework. Learn in this article how to use TagHelpers in your code to automate your processes, boost the performance of your project and create consistency for your team.

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AUTOSAR – Compliant ECU Design for Electric Vehicles

In a modern car, we can find multiple ECUs. Ensuring the software which runs on them is compliant with AUTOSAR is crucial. Learn here about compliant modeling tools, electric motor particularities, analysis models for defining parameters and Processor-in-the-Loop and Hardware-in-the-Loop simulations.

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