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Distributed Agile Development Projects | Fortech
Work Optimization in Distributed Agile Development Projects
The article gives you an overview of Fortech’s experience with distributed Agile development projects of various sizes. It illustrates the challenges we faced and the effective solutions we found to most of them. The post also captures the significant contribution of the delivery department to making our Agile development process successful. To give you an idea of how to apply in real life the concepts presented we included a comprehensive case study. This example shows the Agile concepts
Quality Assurance Outsourcing Romania
Why Quality Assurance Outsourcing in Romania
Fortech understands the importance of quality assurance in all the phases of the software development process and, regardless of the project’s complexity, can meet your needs. Our team of QA engineers comprises over 150 specialists, 70% of them ISTQB certified. See Fortech’s QA Services. Quality assurance outsourcing has grown in popularity in the past decade. Whether clients contract quality assurance as a stand-alone service or integrate software development teams with QA specialists, qual
Software Outsourcing Versus Own Product Development
Software Outsourcing Versus Own Product Development
While the software outsourcing field gets richer in achievements with each passing day, own product development is almost virgin ground in Cluj-Napoca, where about 80% of the IT companies do only outsourcing. These two types of activities differ greatly from the core up, the main differentiating factor being their business model. While each of the two models work based on inputs, outputs and work processes, taking a close look at each of these components reveals major differences.In an outsour
Historical Perspective of the IT Phenomenon in Cluj-Napoca
The article presents the evolution of the IT phenomenon in Cluj-Napoca and the competitive advantages of the local players and discusses future directions of the local IT market. It was published in the current issue of The Journal of Science Policy and Scientometrics.The Evolution of the IT Phenomenon in Cluj-Napoca With a history started dozens of years ago, the IT field in Cluj-Napoca is an already well-settled phenomenon. While pointing out the main stages of the evolution is difficult, we
IT Outsourcing Romania | Fortech
IT Outsourcing – the Fastest Growing Sector in Romania
IT outsourcing is a big industry expanding at a fast rate, and according to statistics, the value of the outsourcing sector is equivalent to Austria’s, Norway’s or Argentina`s GDP. It is supposed that this sector will reach $450 billion in revenues by the end of 2015. This estimated revenue is based on the fact that governments offer incentives to private businesses in emerging markets to develop software outsourcing capabilities and thus promote local economic growth and attract foreign inv
Software outsourcing to Romania - Fortech
Fortech’s CEO Speaks about Romania’s Perspectives in Software Outsourcing
Calin Vaduva, our CEO, believes that investing in the young generation of IT specialists will help Romania remain a top destination for software outsourcing for many years to come. In his brief intervention in the “IT outsourcing: As Romania vies to be the new India, can the country keep up?” article published recently on, Mr. Vaduva mentioned that reaching out to high school students will convince some of the undecided ones to get a college degree in a technical field and
Summary of article from Today Software Magazine
Perspectives of the Romanian IT – Today Software Magazine article
Ovidiu Simionica shared his thoughts on the present and future of the Romanian IT in the “Romanian IT quo vadis” article published in the 25th issue of Today Software Magazine. According to Ovidiu, making the high volume business of software outsourcing profitable requires the use of special tools. Just applying the ISO standards to software development cannot help, since coding has nothing in common with highly predictable businesses like cheese manufacturing. Ovidiu considers work
Romanian Software Developers Hailed Worldwide
From San Francisco to London, Bangalore or Sidney, Romanian software developers are held in high esteem for their excellent theoretical background, programming skills and creativity. These programmers are among the most sought-after in the world by companies in need of specialists whose mastery of the code is complemented by strong linguistic abilities and convenient salary packages. Cities like London have witnessed a real “siege” from Eastern European specialists lately. Of these,
Guide to outsourcing Romania
Outsourcing Guide Romania Sponsorship
Studies about the outsourcing sector in Romania and its neighboring countries are scarce and sometimes unreliable, while the data they provide often comes in an unstructured format and has little value as a basis for decision making regarding outsourcing to Romania. As little doubt existed this gap had to be filled, Fortech supported the German Outsourcing Association‘s initiative to publish Outsourcing Guide Romania, a material aimed at helping decision makers understand what to expect fr
Romania business enviornment
The Business Environment in Romania
Encouraging economic forecasts keep the spirits high for Romanian providers of Software outsourcing services The Romanian economy followed a positive trend lately, as illustrated by the increase in GDP (0.7% in 2012, 2.4% in 2013, and forecasted values of 2.8% for 2014 and 3.5 for 2015) and the decrease in budget deficit (from 1.3% in 2013 to a forecasted value of 0.9% for 2014). All the macroeconomic indicators reflect a stable and healthy economic environment, with growth perspectives that exc
Fortech - a Romanian outsourcing company
Romania – Destination for Software Outsourcing
Summary We have the pleasure to start a series of articles about the software outsourcing phenomenon in Romania and Cluj-Napoca which will include both reviews of the existing literature and personal opinions on the issues addressed. The papers compare Romania with India and Romania’s counterparts in Eastern Europe on dimensions such as employee attrition, wage inflation (same), cultural gaps, infrastructure, government incentives, the educational system, availability of experts, innovation &a
crowdsourced testing
Crowdsourced Software Testing
What is Crowdsourced Software Testing? Crowd testing is a software testing methodology that leverages a community of external expert software testers with diverse backgrounds and demographics from all across the globe. It differs from a traditional approach to testing, being carried out by a larger number of testers from different places rather than by a limited number of in-house testing professionals. These communities range from a few hundred to several thousand testers globally. The Crowds