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Christmas Spirit in Full Swing at Fortech

The 2014 winter season was among the richest in events at Fortech; events marked by selflessness, compassion, friendship and wholehearted joy. The Christmas Spirit enveloped us in its protective arms at the Christmas party and when children from the Transylvania Autism Society and the Romanian Foundation for Children, Community and Family sang Christmas Carols at our new office.

Christmas Party 2014  Christmas Party 2014  Christmas Party 2014  Christmas Party 2014 at Fortech

Kids also had the chance to enjoy the Christmas atmosphere at the Kids’ party and at the Charity Fair organized to offer Christmas gifts to the least fortunate children in Cluj-Napoca. With the generous donations from our colleagues we could offer lots of great presents to orphans from the Maria Gabriel orphanage.

Christmas kids party 2014  Christmas kids party 2014  Christmas kids party 2014  Christmas kids party 2014

The Christmas Party was slightly atypical, with the dancing spree postponed until late at night. The “soft” prelude offered by a Jazz Band enticed the attendants to mingle, chat, and enjoy a classy dinner with lots of tempting sweets and an excellent assortment of free drinks. A big team of caricaturists, which the organizers expected to have a hard time attracting “customers”, found themselves assaulted by guys curious to see their faces distorted. There was also a photo booth, which immortalized our brief moments of respite from dancing and singing and the funny looks of those pulling faces to break the routine. The highlight of the night was the movie with stutters and laughter captured while shooting for the company presentation video.

The Kids’ Christmas Party was even richer in surprises: Olaf – the Snowman, Elsa – the Queen of Snow and young Anna from the Ice Kingdom welcomed them with lots of tempting toys and activities: inflatable mattress, ball pool, slider, rocker, bowling, colored plastic circles, big Lego pieces and coloring sheets.

Elsa attracted the toddlers with games like „Catch the snowflakes”, “Snow balling”, „The Snowmen’s dance”, while Sven met the challenge by preparing other funny games like ”Olaf’s nose is missing” and ”Christmas Bingo”.

To the kids’ delight, Santa Claus, the main guest of the evening made a triumphal appearance and offered them gifts together with Olaf.

All in all, this Winter season at Fortech was one that none of us will forget not only because it was the first celebrated in the new office building, but also due to the wholehearted involvement of the entire Fortech family and the joy we all shared. Knowing how profoundly humane our colleagues and leaders are, we have no doubts all the winter holidays to come will amaze us at least as much as this one.

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year to the entire Fortech family and all its partners!

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