Case study

Cloud-Based EHR Platform for Hospital Management


  • A complete Electronic Health Record (EHR) platform for hospital usage.
  • The applicability of this platform includes patient triage, management of patient data and efficient workflows while tracking all medical activities.

Java, React


Software Development, Automatic Testing, Project Management


Team Size

1+ Years





Our client is a global company that works to provide a new generation of software healthcare systems, and so shaping the future of the healthcare ecosystem.

One of their core products is a complete EHR platform for medical system usage that connects clinical and day-to-day operational data. Integrating both B2B and B2C functionalities, the application facilitates a patient’s journey, from hospital admission to discharge, while allowing the tracking and management of related medical data and day-to-day operations of the hospital workflows. Key features include schedule management, health records (i.e., blood tests and x-rays data records), tracking the history of medical investigations, revenue cycle integration, analytics, voice recognition, emergency department, encounters, patient admin, and others. In addition, the platform enables hospitals to customize the solution according to their medical services and workflow.

The web application is available in eight languages and has been used in 18 countries across multiple hospitals, holding 10% of the medical companies worldwide.


Fortech joined the client’s team in order to develop and improve the existing application.

The team participates in the entire development lifecycle of the patient admin module, covering the end-to-end spectrum of platform development from requirements analysis, software engineering and testing. Our role is to support the implementation of the new functionalities in terms of patient triage and medical activities tracking.

Apart from that, the team is engaged in developing a PoC for modularization and Cloud migration.

The team has gained experience and valuable know-how according to the best practices in the healthcare sector. Therefore, all the implemented technologies are aligned with the general industry standards.

Client Benefits

Knowledgeable Tech Partner

Experienced team with a strong know-how in the health tech sector and partner mentality.

Industry Compliance

A complete EHR platform aligned with general industry standards.

Capacity Extension

The ability to scale-up the team as the project evolved.