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Cluj IT Days 2014 – A Real Feast for Tech-Oriented Minds

Cluj IT Days, a conference where issues of relevance to members of the local IT community are shared and discussed, was once again a real feast for the demanding audience it attracted. Trends and leadership, start-ups, entrepreneurship and technical insight were the three main areas covered by the event held on November 25th and 26th.

The goal of Cluj IT Days 2014 was to provide insights into the main elements of the local entrepreneurial ecosystem: the experience gained while developing technical products and providing IT services, innovation as the driving force of the IT field and the planning and execution of IT projects from a technical and managerial perspective. To meet it, its organizers relied on international speakers, start-up associations and representatives of local companies.

Cluj IT Days 2014

The omnipresent software outsourcing success stories alternated with intriguing presentations on Big Data, ways to convert a great business idea into cash and many other interesting topics related to programming, software architecture and software testing, putting the minds of the participants in high gear. Results of the latest researches conducted by local experts and innovative solutions produced by IT companies from Cluj were the highlights of the event, proving once more how creative and forward-thinking this community is. The issues presented were so diverse that almost any IT specialist or student could find something for their tastes. It was also obvious from the presentations and workshops that learning never ends for an IT specialist.

Two workshops preceded the conference, one on Java performance, the other on creativity, Agile project management and software craftsmanship. In the four interactive training sessions the attendants were able to get “hands on” experience on complex and useful concepts, by carrying out interesting and challenging training activities.

„My vision has always had human resources and development at its heart” , said Calin Vaduva, Fortech’s CEO in an interview offered to Ziar de Cluj.

This dream of Calin led to consistent investments in the local IT community and events. Cluj IT days 2014, one of the most important local events, received the attention it deserved through sponsorship for the conference and the workshop on Java Performance offered by Peter Lawrey. Following this event, Fortech invited Peter Lawrey to offer a workshop on Advanced Java at the company’s new and modern headquarters.

Cluj IT Days, the brain-child of Today Software Magazine and the growing community built around it never ceases to surprise us with the breadth and quality of the topics covered, the quality of the lectures and workshops and the names of the guest speakers. This year’s event revealed an increased interest from local companies in developing their own software products and in relying more on research and innovation in their activities.