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Crafting a Future-Ready Culture: Fortech Launches Its People Promise

This week, we launched Fortech’s people promise and employer brand positioning together with our new tagline: Craft & Grow. Together. Our new brand story embodies the essence of Fortech’s culture: a place for software crafters who can build their own paths while helping others grow.

The past two years have been a time of immense change for businesses and people. While we learned a lot about what we can accomplish without being in a physical office, we also realized that there’s no denying the unifying role the office used to play. From the ability to communicate and connect with ease to the many opportunities to experience our culture and showcase the Fortech brand, the office used to be the place that brought our team together.

Staying connected has never been more important. But how do we do that when most people aren’t physically in the same place, and we are moving towards a hybrid way of working?


Uncovering the Essence of The Fortech Culture

Towards the end of 2020, we sat down to uncover a more profound link that connects our people. Close to 600 members of the Fortech team got involved in the various stages of a research project that was meant to uncover the essence of our culture.

We looked closely at what our team values most about working at Fortech, and what is important to them in this new world of work. We found four themes that are the pillars of our culture.

  • Community: Our sense of community comes in many forms. We have a strong bond with our project teams, departments, technical or social communities. We don’t all think and work alike. But we share the same strong passion for technology and our craft. That’s the common language of our community.
  • Reliability: We’ve come a long way since 2003. Today, we’re one of the biggest software services providers with local roots and international reach. We’re here to build, take care of our team, and strengthen our local communities. This means pushing boundaries, facing hardships, and overcoming them together, stronger each time.
  • Perspectives: Here, you’ll find lots of opportunities to learn and grow – on the project, from your colleagues, from clients, informal learning programs, through mentorship or training others. But you won’t find a perfect recipe to unlock your potential. It’s your commitment, hard work, and guidance from your colleagues that will help you grow.
  • Empowerment: We foster a culture of empowerment and trust. By valuing your contribution and encouraging feedback within our departments and project teams, we aim to stay open to change, ideas, and our people’s needs. Share your opinion, make mistakes, and learn from them. The commitment to the quality of your work and to our values is what matters most.

There are so many areas and initiatives where these pillars come to life at Fortech.

The strength of our community is showcased by our self-driven technical communities that feature discussions on Mobile Development, AI, Site Reliability Engineering, Agile or Project Management topics; our amazing Fortech Donations Community helps people in need every month; Fortech Moving Challenge, our Anniversary Celebration, and the many colorful team rituals.

The reliable partnerships we have been nurturing for over 17 years with our clients, team members, local NGOs, academic, tech, and sports communities are strong proof of our commitment. Testimony to our capabilities stand the accolades and recognition we received in the past year. We became part of a selected group of Bosch’s global software suppliers ecosystem after being ranked by IAOP among the best 100 worldwide software services suppliers in H1 and previously recognized by EY, Forbes, or Deloitte.

As Joint Ventures, Software Products, Mergers & Acquisitions, Start-up Financing, and Niche Software Services gain spotlight on Fortech’s new strategic agenda, the opportunities and career perspectives we offer to our team members are becoming even more diverse and challenging. Hear the stories of our team members.

iGrow, the new performance management approach we introduced company-wide relies on growth based on strengths and comes with a mindset shift that nurtures empowerment.

We will continue to focus on these four pillars as we move towards a post-pandemic world to help create the thriving, performance-oriented, and inclusive community we are committed to building. This is our people promise.


“Change is an attitude for the future. We need to continue seeing it as a force that energizes Fortech as an organization, allowing us to evolve and constantly provide more value to our clients. Leadership, agility, and innovation are the key factors of our success. The path may change, but our goals should stay the same.” – declared Călin Văduva, CEO Fortech.


“Through these challenging times and beyond, we must do everything to keep our company culture strong. Distance can’t keep us apart. We need to adapt to the new ways of working, but our shared values and beliefs must remain the lighthouse of our organization. With compassion, creativity, and resilience, we can achieve more than we imagine possible. Developing our people promise is our commitment to staying focused and improving areas significant to our team and future team members.” – Alexandra Achim, Chief Human Resources Officer.

Communicating Our People Promise

When it comes to our employer brand, it starts and ends with our people, our team. With this firmly at the heart of our brand, we are in a great position to meet the challenge of keeping our colleagues and our clients emotionally and technologically connected now and in the future.

We are software crafters at heart, and what better way to describe this than through the experiences of our team members. To do so, we selected four remarkable stories of colleagues who dreamt about technology from an early age. These stories are an ode to the curious and the adventurous, the rebels and the loud ones, the challengers and status quo shakers of yesterday. They are the software crafters of tomorrow.