Case study

Cross-Platform Logistics Management System for DSPs


  • Cross-platform software to manage key assets involved in logistics, including human resources and fleet dependencies.
  • The Fortech team developed the MVP then moved on to the complete product development life cycle, including enhancements for quick market entry.
  • From a technical perspective, it combines architectural excellence in Software Development with Data Control.
  • In accordance with the established framework, the architecture ensures that recommended security measures are in place, as well as overall resiliency and efficiency of the product.

Python, Angular, Django, JavaScript, AWS


Software Architecture, Software Development, Software Testing, Integration, Project Management, Support


Team Size

6+ Months





The client needed an integrated product to manage logistics processes efficiently and achieve cost and resource benefits. It consists of a central system that facilitates optimal reporting and full asset management of the logistics process, fundamental components for a healthy supply chain.

Fortech began with well-defined specifications and built the MVP from the ground up. Initially, the product was developed as a website application, but after understanding all use cases, the team also developed a cross-platform mobile application that runs on iOS and Android.

The purpose of this project was to build a very specific product for companies in need of integrated fleet management software, but one that is also scalable and flexible enough to be easily customized for each company’s specific requirements.


One year after our first contact with the client and an extensive assessment from our side, the client returned to us with a business plan and entrusted us as a tech partner. The collaboration began with our team responding to the RFP the client sent us in a proactive and insightful manner. Having recognized our proactive nature and forward-thinking approach, the client appointed us to construct the MVP.

Our team-as-a-service offer was precisely crafted after comprehensively assessing the client’s needs. During the initial stages of our partnership, two members of our team visited the client’s facility in order to get a better understanding of the full value of the MVP and the potential that should be explored.

The client had clear and well-defined business specifications regarding the usability and design of the product. Even in such a specific setting, the trust the client had in our team enabled us to come up with technical initiatives that better met their business needs in terms of go-to-market timing and business value. From the very beginning, Fortech and the client have maintained an open and dedicated partnership.

In the context of our ongoing collaboration, we are now attempting to shift from a Kanban approach to an agile scrum method in order to have a better sense of predictability and structure.

Client Benefits

Rapid Business Growth

Meeting the demands of rapidly changing requirements and scaling up work quickly.

Trust-Based Engagement

A dynamic partnership based on mutual trust, reliability, and alignment of scope.

Fast and High-Quality Engagement

Effective formation of teams that are strengthened by seniority as well as multidisciplinary expertise aligned with the client's needs.