Case study

Data Crunch Application


  • Commodities risk Business Intelligence platform, part of a larger financial solution.
  • It leverages artificial intelligence to enable fast decision making.
  • Fortech provides multiple services in a distributed team engagement model.


The solution is a suite of web and mobile applications for a commodities risk-specific Business Intelligence platform.

It connects to any data source and leverages the existing landscape of the systems.

The web application is a portal that analyses, manipulates and modifies trading information for different products.

Also, it generates various reports in accordance with the aggregation level.


We started the project in 2013, with a distributed team composed of software developers and QA engineers from Fortech and project managers and database developers from our client’s team.

Following an ongoing successful collaboration, our teams are responsible for the application’s front-end, back-end and database development. The back-end application processes large amounts of data fed by asynchronous methods and heterogeneous sources.

One of the most relevant features developed by the team at Fortech is an algorithm powered by artificial intelligence. It facilitates the decision-making process by importing data from multiple sources and providing analyses. The solution can also estimate the evolution of prices with the help of the AI algorithm by analyzing two streams of data containing the previous values and the stock market fluctuation.

On top of this, the client benefits from great flexibility in adjusting the platform as needed.

Client Benefits

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