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Developing Digital Journeys in eCommerce with Emil, Java Tech Lead

Emil Moise, one of our first colleagues in Brasov, played a key role in the growth of our Fortech Brasov office from 1 to 50+ team members. Five years into his Fortech career, he’s a Java Tech Lead, and he is getting trained to become a Coach.

Get a glimpse behind the code, read about how he’s crafting digital journeys for the eCommerce industry, and about the patience and perseverance he gains from exploring mountains.
Developing Digital Journeys in eCommerce with Emil, Java Tech Lead

Tell us a bit about yourself? Your personality, studies, hobbies, passions.

When I’m not writing code, I love exploring mountains. Climbing, hiking, running in the beautiful mountain landscape is just so unique. For me, the mountains are home. The physical and mental health, plus the fitness benefits I get out of wandering free in nature, are huge. Conquering a new peak also gives me that incredible and unrivaled feeling of achievement. I feel as though I could do anything. Life slows down a bit, and the day-to-day problems seem to dissolve.

Even if it’s more of a hill, not an actual mountain, Tâmpa is one of my favorite tracks for running. I usually choose Piatra Mare or the “backyard mountain,” how we call it in Brașov, for more challenging hiking trails. The king of mountains, Piatra Craiului, has a special place on my list, as it is considered one of the most difficult mountain ranges to climb in Romania.

This hobby has taught me a lot about patience and persistence, which I find extremely valuable in my Java Software Developer job.

What’s your current role? How did your career journey evolve at Fortech?

My journey with Fortech started about five years ago when I joined the company as the first employee in Brasov. Currently, we are about 50 colleagues and growing at a steady pace. I like to think I played a tiny part in reaching this milestone.

I’m a Senior Software Developer with Java as my core technology. I’m also a Tech & Team Leader and getting trained to become a Coach. I try to write clean code without too many bugs while helping others discover the fun and creative side of this job and how to make their work and growth acknowledged inside Fortech.

In the past years, I’ve worked in various industries and projects. From building an eBike platform to ensuring the security backbone of digital car keys and now developing an online car auctioning platform, I explored several perspectives for professional growth.

What project are you currently working on?

I am working on an e-commerce project that aims at digitalizing the car auction process. Since the start of the pandemic, online car sales have increased significantly. Together with my team, we’re making sure all offline services can be done and supported online. This includes initiatives in several different areas: finding and buying vehicles, collection, and post-sale management.

What’s the project’s tech stack like?

The project’s architecture is common for big companies that have been on the market for some time. It’s a core monolith that successfully fulfilled its duties for many years, and which we are upgrading to Cloud-Deployed Microservices. The technologies we work with are Java, Spring and Spring Boot, RabbitMQ, Microsoft SQL Server, Azure, Docker, and Kubernetes.

What’s your favorite thing about this software project?

My favorite thing is the mix between an old and very stable monolith that passed the test of time and the brand-new, shiny Cloud-native Microservices architecture. They both need different approaches and come with specific challenges and rewards. In my previous projects, I got to work with one or the other, but never with both types of architectures simultaneously. I find this mixture very exciting and captivating.

What’s the most challenging thing about this software project?

At this moment, I find it very challenging to be in the middle of the migration to Azure Kubernetes Service from a classic on-premise in-house deployment.

Cake, balloons and smiles at the Fortech Brasov office opening event.

How about the team?

We are a mix of colleagues from Fortech and the client’s team, working together to get things done. I particularly like this team because it’s impossible to get stuck fixing an issue. There will always be someone who knows the answer to the problem. Of course, this challenges me to try to give back and help others as much as I can.

What’s next in your career journey?

Generally speaking, I’m trying to be better at my day-to-day activities. Write cleaner code, do better test coverage, learn and use new technologies, new approaches.

I am preparing for the Java OCP 8 certification, and I’m considering Spring and Cloud-related certifications too. But, in the end, I am just trying to have fun writing code and enjoying the perks and benefits of the IT&C industry! :)

What advice would you give to someone interested in joining Fortech?

Meet us! You should be able to decide just by having a chat with us.

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