Digital Commerce Software Platform

Implementing a True Enterprise Class Omni-Commerce Solution.

Project Highlights

  • Proprietary software platform, integrating eCommerce, marketing and data services for retails and brands.
  • It is a leader in the USA for the vertical market it targets, with over 3 million orders processed per year.
  • The team at Fortech scaled gradually from 2 to 150+ people, covering now the entire product lifecycle across multiple devices.

Team Size: 150+ People

  Duration: 10 Years (ongoing)

Technologies: .NET Web, MVC/APIS, Java, WSO2, iOS, Android, TeamCity, Octopus Deploy, HAProxy, Jenkins, Rackspace, Microsoft Azure

Services: Business Analysis, UX & UI Design, Software Development, Software Testing, DevOps, Project Management, IT/Systems & Database Administration, Email Marketing

Trends: Omnichannel eCommerce


The solution is a complete omnichannel software platform which integrates eCommerce, marketing and data services for retailers and brands. The platform offers retailers the most comprehensive software solution for planning and shopping, together with mobile, social and marketing tools. For brands, it represents an extensive advertising network.

The client is a USA provider of software services for the eCommerce and retail sectors. Its software platform, established over a decade ago, has grown to be an industry leader in digital grocery.


When approaching Fortech in 2008, our client needed a trustworthy, committed and flexible long-term software engineering partner that could build the required capabilities and would have the capacity to scale them up as its digital eCommerce business grows.

The relationship started with a small prototype that would prove Fortech’s technical abilities, as well as validate the cultural match between the two parties: the already existing development team on the client’s site and the remote team at Fortech.

Soon after that, in 2009, with no prior knowledge in iOS and Android, Fortech built from scratch the Mobile team, touching both platforms.

Currently, the team comprises more than 150 dedicated people, covering a multitude of disciplines in the areas of software engineering and support & operations.

Client Benefits

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