Case study

Custom eCommerce Application


  • Developed a custom eCommerce application in collaboration with the client’s engineers.
  • Fortech developed the front-end of the application and the client focused on the back-end.
  • Ownership over front-end architecture and framework decisions was with Fortech.


The client’s objectives were to improve their eCommerce conversions and customer experience. They considered several pre-packaged solutions but ultimately determined that only a custom eCommerce application would enable them to achieve their business objectives.

Additionally, because the client’s engineers were not skilled in modern front-end frameworks, they wanted to utilize an external team to guide and develop the front-end solution. The client was an early startup and accustomed to working informally with no defined processes.

Our main challenge was to structure effective ways of working together and perform well as one combined team. We did so by introducing an Agile Scrum process.


We set up a Scrum team of one technical lead who also took a “proxy” product owner role, three React developers, and two software testers. We gradually introduced the process to the client, working with them step-by-step to adopt Scrum across our two combined teams. In Agile fashion, we achieved a working product iteration every two-weeks. This feeling of iterative progress gave our client confidence that the process was working.

Furthermore, the quality of the releases improved significantly, as compared to our client’s prior experience. Our testers were involved from planning to implementation and developed fully automated regression flows. As our client’s engineers began to see our React solution and learn about its internals, such as JSX components and lifecycle hooks, they came to appreciate that building large-scale applications in React was a great fit.

State management was always part of the React ecosystem. Still, we took it to a new level with redux by emphasizing data immutability and complete separation between state management and UI.

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