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Electric Castle, an Electric Experience

Electric Castle 2014

The event was perfectly organized, featured excellent music, an aristocratic setup, clean air, sleepless nights and inspiration and attracted nice people… all these made from the festival held in Bontida one of the best experiences I have had so far.

It was here that I slept in a tent for the first time :-) An unforgettable experience, a must do. To continue my idea about tents… the camping area was so overcrowded that no places were left on Saturday…

The ground of the festival is the perfect venue for making friends, continuously meeting friends of friends, for startling meetings not only with friends you hadn’t met for centuries but also with people you run into every day at work and school. It is even better when you try to round them all up only to realize this is impossible… in just a few seconds your people are lost in the crowd and, of course, the phone battery dies on you and you lose the signal.

The festival mood enveloped you from all directions… wherever you looked people were in harmony with themselves and sent you their high spirits: some were relaxing in the shade, in hammocks or on pillows, listening to the music from the reggae stage, while the more inspired ones gave free rein to their creativity painting empty bottles of vodka. Those looking back with nostalgia towards their childhood were swinging or making immense soap bubbles, while others, thirsty from the heat, were gulping a cold beer. The rest were making acrobatics through the air on bikes or skateboards, on the slack line, juggling with balls, diablo and lights or simply dancing, wind or rain, in front of the stages, on which diverse kinds of music were booming from 11 a.m. until next morning. There was something to keep everyone happy, so that everyone could find a refuge regardless of their mood.

My favorites were the “the Wall” stages, where reggae music was performed, and the Main Stage, the big names’ scene. We were the most electric on Saturday night, when the templates were broken by the music of Shiver, Dj Fresh and Pop Killers: total madness :-). The quality of the sound was so good you could not resist it. I was impressed by the high number of infants in pampers who were in tune with the electric atmosphere, dancing, laughing or sleeping in their mothers’ arms, with immense headphones on their heads… I wonder how they could tolerate them.

If we didn’t meet in the Banffy castle area during the festival it is highly likely you missed it… and I can tell you next year you will regret even more… My advice is to make sure you get your tickets early; they will be inexpensive and the experience is worth living.

Author: Alina M.

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