Case study

FDA Approval Workflow Management System


  • Completely modernized platform for better user experience.
  • Newly designed software architecture to address the need for greater resilience and scalability.


Our client’s objectives were to improve the performance and user experience of their production application. They also wanted to modernize the application, using the latest in open-source technologies. Their pain points were poor performance and lack of support and maintenance for the existing technology.

A challenge for this project was that the existing platform was developed without documentation, and the quality of deployments was poor. We had to establish approaches with the client to solicit requirements, structure deliverables, and introduce a much higher quality level, all within tight timelines.


Our first step was to introduce a technical lead who would design the new architecture, reinforce best practices, and lead the development team towards high-quality coding standards and stable, functional software. Structured team-work, collaboration, open communications, and knowledge sharing with our client proved to be the keys to our success.

We introduced an Agile Scrum process, with 2-week sprints, daily standups, planning meetings, reviews, and retrospectives. Team Foundation Server was used to organize and track deliverables, using a customized workflow.

The client’s team included one product owner. Fortech’s team was structured with one team lead, also acting as a “proxy” product owner, four developers, and 1.5 testers. We set KPI’s based upon unit test coverage, integration tests results and our CI/CD pipeline outputs. Our team sent a report to the client after each sprint.

We met the timelines and delivered the features in-scope. Our application performed significantly better than the previous platform, with greater resilience and scalability.

Client Benefits

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