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Fortech and Modex Partner to Deploy Innovative Blockchain Software Projects

  • Fortech partnered with Modex, a successful blockchain solution provider, to deliver enterprise-level projects based on blockchain technology. Fortech brings into the partnership development capacity and experience in machine learning, artificial intelligence, and IoT.
  • Together, the partners will provide innovative solutions for industries ranging from automotive to healthcare, banking, finance, and manufacturing. Furthermore, they will leverage the ability of blockchain technology to share data among entities securely and fast, without using any intermediary organizations to facilitate the transactions or keep the data safe.


    Blockchain Solutions – Strong Newcomers in Fortech’s Portfolio

    Well-known companies and government agencies are already using blockchain technology to streamline processes and improve their operations. Undoubtedly, the touted and proven benefits of blockchain drew them to the new technology.

    Our partnership with Modex will enable the late adopters of blockchain to catch up with and even overtake the forerunners. Furthermore, we will implement enterprise solutions and explore opportunities for Web3-related projects.


    “Our companies’ core values and business expertise converge in many aspects, so partnering up with Fortech represents another step in bringing added-value products and services to the enterprise market. We are eager to deploy cutting-edge tech solutions in a series of industries with high potential and proud to team up with such a strong Romanian company that values innovation as much as we do,” said Mihai Ivascu, the CEO and Co-founder of Modex.


    “To deliver on our promise of professional custom software development services, we must constantly expand our know-how. It is no longer enough to master a traditional or emerging technology to attract and retain clients. We need a deep understanding of how different technologies work together and how they integrate within pre-existing tech systems, specific industries, and business scenarios. As no company knows everything, we also need strong partners to complement our expertise and help us grow. Modex is the perfect example of such a company. With their Blockchain Database (BCDB) and proven track record of enterprise blockchain solutions delivered, Modex opened a promising new direction for us. We do the same for them with our broad expertise and strong delivery team and are eager to work together on innovative solutions that will benefit our companies and their clients,” said Călin Văduva, CEO of Fortech.

    Extended Value Proposition

    We deliver value to our customers with different fine-tuned engagement models, strong technical and communication skills, respect for other cultures, and passion. Furthermore, dedicated software development teams and the capacity to scale from Fortech provide our clients with a real competitive advantage.

    Our services bring progress in diverse industry sectors like healthcare, financial, industrial manufacturing, and automotive. Besides, Fortech’s expertise harness the power of technology to transform our clients core business. We expect Modex’s expertise in blockchain to impact this process substantially. Modex’s mission to “solve real-life problems and respond to real business demands through an ecosystem of high-quality, reliable software solutions built by a highly experienced and motivated team” perfectly complements Fortech’s. Our combined expertise and efforts will lead to technical progress and better software solutions for our clients.

    Blockchain Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

    A blockchain network can store and exchange patient data within or between healthcare facilities, pharmacies, diagnostic laboratories, and physicians. Furthermore, it gives patients power over their personal data. A data management system based on blockchain technology is efficient and secure. Besides, it can improve the transparency and performance of sharing medical data. “This technology helps medical institutions gain insight and enhance the analysis of medical records.” We expect these benefits to increase demand for blockchain solutions in the healthcare sector.

    Fortech brings a proven track record of custom software development services for healthcare into this partnership. Our software interventions improved hospital management and clinical practices and processes, while meeting relevant regulations like HIPAA or GDPR. We implement software for providers of healthcare services and manufacturers of healthcare devices.

    Blockchain Solutions for Banking and Financial Services

    To face the intense competition from the FinTech sector, the traditional financial institutions must upgrade their legacy systems and complex processes. For example, the massive use of paperwork in many banking operations keeps costs and security vulnerabilities high. Banks must address these security threats fast. Besides, they need reliable solutions to reduce bad credits, track credit history, and improve regulatory compliance. Unfortunately, the industry is currently too clumsy to move nimbly forward. One potential answer to its challenges is blockchain technology, which can transform obsolete systems, increase process efficiency, improve transaction security, and cut costs.

    In our future projects for the financial sector, Modex will contribute with its blockchain expertise and Fortech with its mastery in custom software development for financial institutions and FinTech companies. Relying on its extensive network of strategic partners, Fortech provides services for technical innovation in the financial sector and the integration of white-label platforms and solutions.

    Blockchain Solutions for eCommerce and Retail

    With major brands like Expedia and Microsoft and tens of thousands of other vendors already accepting payments in cryptocurrency, blockchain technology is gaining traction fast. Unsurprisingly, cryptocurrency is not the only application of blockchain that progressive retailers embraced. The benefits of blockchain in eCommerce range from less expensive and faster transactions to improved overall customer experience and data security. Furthermore, a blockchain-based supply chain enables product traceability, while smart contracts ensure increased transparency and trust in the collaboration between the organizations in the chain.

    Modex and Fortech will work together to bring all these benefits to organizations and customers in retail and eCommerce. The partners shall drive these fields forward by combining the Modex Blockchain Database® (BCDB) and blockchain expertise from Modex and Fortech’s broad skills in custom software development for retail and eCommerce.


    About Modex

    Modex develops scalable products and services that transform the way data and digital assets are stored, shared, and managed using blockchain technology. Modex’s networks of trust are structured around two flagship offerings:

    Modex Blockchain Database® (BCDB), a patented enterprise solution that combines traditional databases with distributed blockchain technology to harness the full potential of both.

    About Fortech

    A team of 1,000 software engineers, over 18 years of experience, and extensive know-how in software development make Fortech a preferred choice for companies seeking a strong and versatile technical partner. Fortech offers the full stack of services and skills required for custom software application development, testing, and maintenance. We cover the entire project lifecycle, from requirement gathering to architecture and design, coding and testing, development, and support.

    Our teams represent the company’s main value driver. Their experience in mainstream technologies, independent testing approaches, and a broad range of software architectures is key to Fortech’s success. We started with five people and gradually evolved into one of the most important companies in the IT market in Cluj-Napoca and Romania. This rapid entrepreneurial journey repeatedly brought Fortech into Deloitte, EY, IAOP, and Forbes rankings.

    Fortech has been supporting its clients with innovative approaches and quality services. Our end-to-end software development services gave our clients what they wanted most: reduced time to market and top-quality and scalable software solutions. Focused on providing solutions for the healthcare, financial, industrial manufacturing, automotive, and professional services sectors, we aim to expand our reach constantly.

    Combining its mastery of technology and processes, Agile delivery methods, and robust code quality practices, Fortech has attracted over 260 clients since 2003.