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Fortech Celebrates a Significant Milestone in Iasi: Our Team Reaches 100 Colleagues

At Fortech, we craft and grow together. This means that every software crafter can build their own path in our community while helping others grow. We work hard together, and so we honor our team’s accomplishments. In this spirit, we celebrated the reaching of the 100-colleague milestone in Iasi. A great achievement and a joyful moment!


“Started as an extension of our team in Cluj in 2016, the Fortech Iasi Delivery Center evolved through all of these years and our colleagues are now acting as main drivers for several of our successful projects. We are very happy and proud as we had the pleasure of welcoming our 100th colleague in Fortech Iasi. This is a significant milestone for our delivery center, outlining the wonderful journey we have crafted so far. Congratulations and to many more milestones to our team in Iasi!” – stated Marius Vanca, President of the Fortech Software Services Area.

Fortech in Iasi

Fortech opened its Iasi delivery center in 2016 to expand the company’s consolidation strategy in the North Eastern part of Romania. Fortech’s expertise in a wide variety of technologies brought great opportunities for tech enthusiasts in the Moldavian regions. Initially, our team in Iasi started with 20 mid-senior level software developers. It grew steadily to reach 100 IT specialists with strong expertise in core technologies like Java, .NET, Mobile, JavaScript, NodeJS, C++, manual and automation testing, integration development, service directory, and project management. The team is accommodated in a rented space located in the Moldova Center.


“Fortech #Iasi100 is an outstanding accomplishment of the whole Iasi team. This achievement is even more remarkable as it comes within an overall business context characterized by extreme volatility. The local Iasi business context also needs to be factored in (e.g.: market saturation, number of Forbes top brands, competitors’ time-in-market). Hence, I couldn’t be more proud and grateful for our colleagues who consistently added more and more value for our customers. And who additionally, through their involvement in referral programs, local events& activities branding-related, paved the way for this exciting organic growth of our team.” – Dorin Popovici, Director of Engineering & Site Manager Fortech Iasi.

Because every joyful moment deserves its proper celebration, the HR Iasi team prepared an event series to honor our achievement: Movie Night, Board Games Night, Bring Your Kids to Office Day, and Fortech #Iasi100 party.


“For Fortech Iasi team, getting to 100 members is a well-deserved result obtained by teamwork, dedication, and perseverance. We rely on the Fortech community for increasing our team. Many of our colleagues came through referrals: if people trust us, they recommend us. I truly believe in our growth potential: every colleague contributes with a ‘brick’ to build our ‘house’ together. With a healthy foundation from the team and inspired guidance from the management, everything is possible at Fortech Iasi, as they say ‘If we want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” – Alisa Blagoci, HR Representative Fortech Iasi.

Professional Development and Community Involvement

As a software development company operating in the dynamic and demanding IT market, Fortech keeps a continuous focus on developing the skills of its team. Our teams have the proper context to roll up their sleeves and explore new perspectives in their careers. Among formal learning experiences, they participate in internal and external training programs, conferences, and technical certifications. They are actively involved in the local technical community, as well as in education projects. Furthermore, internship and pre-employment programs are fostered via close relationships with local academia and non-profit organizations.

Growth Plans and Fortech Careers

For almost two decades, custom software outsourcing services have been the cornerstone of Fortech’s offering. Last year, the company took a bolder approach to broaden the suite of tailored services developed under its group brand by including different types of investments. Fortech’s approach to investments is centered around four key growth vectors: Venture Capital Investments, Joint Ventures Investments, Product Development Investments, and Mergers & Acquisitions Investments.

To foster corporate key growth factors, Fortech dedicated a performant team to Research and Development direction. Fortech Iasi contributes to the team with an important role in this development.


“Fortech has always valued its entrepreneurial culture. Our Research and Development team brings into focus the product mindset with lots of opportunities for our team and the bigger tech ecosystem. We love to solve problems, create solutions, and offer our team members and partners new perspectives. Our technologies and research allow us to properly mix business needs and innovative opportunities to integrate the product-as-a-service concept into our approach.”, as stated by Gheorghe Manzat, Director of the Research and Development Department in Fortech.

Moreover, Fortech is on a growing path in the upcoming months, with more than 150 job opportunities open on Java, .NET, React, Angular, Full-Stack, C / C ++, DevOps, and automation testing, for different seniority levels. All these jobs are available remotely and in our offices in Iasi, Cluj-Napoca, Oradea and Brasov. Please check our Career Page for updated information.