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Fortech CEO on Government’s Support for the Romanian IT Sector

In the August 2013 interview for Ziarul Financiar, Calin Vaduva, Fortech CEO, speaks about the Romanian IT industry and the Government’s support for this domain.The IT industry in Romania has known a significant evolution in the recent years. The large number of companies entering the market has led to an increasing demand for IT professionals.

Especially in Cluj-Napoca, Calin Vaduva argues that “we can see this happening and we have started, within the CLUJ IT Cluster, initiatives aimed at promoting IT as a preferred career path, reaching even to high school students. Also, we collaborate closely with universities so that their curricula is adapted to address the needs of the companies and to develop skills that are required in practice.”

An important aspect is the Government’s support, which has also been a catalyzer for the development of the IT industry in Romania by means of tax facilities for IT professionals and other stimulation programs for companies. Nevertheless, it’s important that these benefits envisage the entire industry and not just some particular categories so that they do not generate gaps between companies.

A special focus should be on entrepreneurship.

“There are people with ideas, people with talent, but who lack financial resources and who sometimes have to face challenges of other nature, too, such as legal and administrative issues. Supporting them, both financially and administratively, is essential, much more than allocating consistent state aids to large companies that already have a well-established position on the market”, says Calin Vaduva.