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Fortech CEO on the IT labor Market in Romania

In the interview series for Ziarul Financiar, Calin Vaduva, Fortech CEO, discusses the challenges faced by the IT companies in Romania due to a constantly increasing demand for qualified professionals.

While some universities find it difficult to integrate graduates on the labor market, technical and IT universities seem not to be able to prepare as many graduates as the companies would need.

It’s discouraging to see that advertising for an assistant manager position generates hundreds of CVs, more than half of the candidates having postgraduate studies in psychology, economics or management. But the salary level we can offer is significantly lower than the remuneration for an IT professional. It’s not pleasant to see how very intelligent people remain in an area where there is low demand on the market”, says Calin Vaduva.

This situation limits the revenue achievement capabilities of the Romanian IT companies. “We would have grown much more if we would have been able to employ more people. There are projects for which we do not compete precisely due to this limitation”, argues Calin Vaduva. In such a context, companies from Romania may have to decline requests from potential clients, which are then redirected to other competitor countries. For further details, please see the article here.