Fortech Grand Opening in Brasov

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You can book your spot at the event using Meetup until April 2.

Meet the Speakers

Vlad Mihalcea

Vlad Mihalcea

Our special guest is a Java Champion, currently working as a Hibernate Developer Advocate, and in his free time, he develops various open-source projects (e.g. Hibernate-Types and FlexyPool) and answers questions on StackOverflow. Vlad is the author of the Amazon Bestseller High-Performance Java Persistence.
Alex Bartis - iOS Developer Fortech

Alex Bartis

Alex is a Senior iOS Developer at Fortech, an Apple boy who feeds his need for creativity and making a better world while working with the tools provided by Apple through frameworks and APIs. He is skilled in Mobile Technologies & Architectures, Continuous Integration & Delivery and everything Apple related.
Dan Nicolici - Software Developer Fortech

Dan Nicolici

Dan is a Senior Software Developer at Fortech with strong experience with Java and its ecosystem. He understands programming as something done by the people for the people. That's why he is dedicated to software clarity and ease of use. He worked most of his career building web and distributed systems in various business domains. He enjoys designing and implementing practical solutions and using the proper tools to this end: programming languages, frameworks or ready-made products. He is really into Clojure.